Anyone know about landscape lighting?

Ok, so there used to be this humongous bush in front of my house (20 feet wide, 10 feet deep and about 6 feet high). I ripped that big bastard out there, chopped it all down, dug out all the stumps and roots and replaced it with a rock border and 3 small trees. Will most likely add some bushes in between the trees for some color etc but for now this is what it looks like.

I’d like to add some lighting to highlight the space but don’t really know where to start. Was thinking maybe LED strip lights along the border to put some color on the space but that might look weird or tacky so not sure.

Any ideas?

Paging Sennin

If you are a baller put in a FX Luminaire system.

Wow, just googled that shit and some of those setups are beautiful!

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LOL!!! That is literally me around the holidays. So many lights on the house it’s obnoxious LOL.



Humongous bush.

OP is a bush man

I like a shaved bush, hence why I ripped that shit out of there.

Yeah, that’s an important trick in yard landscaping.

If you trim all the bushes, it makes your deck look bigger

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Garden lights man, works on 12v, they have timers and all this shit. Would put some “up and downers” on your wall and 3 spots on the bushes or something. Just google garden lights for some ideas.

Goodluck man!

(Garden lights is the brand, not a ‘garden, light’

I have no clue what you just said but it sounds like solid advice!

If you have outlets around the front of the house, these things work great. I have about 15 of them around the house lighting up palm trees.