Anyone know any HVAC people in Orlando?

I own a residential condo in Kissimmee and I have a home warranty on it. They have sent a company out a few times over the years to fix AC,my tenant pays them ,and I deduct the co pay from the rent.

They sent a different company out this time and the guy says an incorrect coil was installed. He notifies the warranty company and they deny the claim because they have no record of that coil. The only people who have ever touched that AC have been sent by the warranty company. I live 500 miles away and have no control over if the company they sent documented things correctly....

I may have to go and hire a company myself to fix this problem so my tenant can get some relief. Anyone do AC work or know someone who does that won't rip me off? Thanks.

I have the pics.

The coil is 2008 and the only work has been by companies sent by warranty co...For whatever reason, they say they need some documentation from those companies about the work done and it seems to be incomplete. Typical bullshit that always seems to cost me money in premiums and then in uncovered services.


I spent 30 mins on hold, then requested to speak to manager I was put on hold for even longer. I teach school, I can't spend time on hold for that long.

I had to pay a company $180 to add freon as a temporary solution so my tenants don't melt.