anyone know anything about this guy?

A friend was asking me about this guy. I like how he pads people up to wail on them, but I don't know what to think from his videos. Looks like wing chun + elbows + street proofing.

Lord I did a very quick review 4 ya. here is my 2 cents

The over all theme as with most RBSD is a little Dark,
(that Doom Gloom fear thing.)
The techniques seem ok, but the training of the techniques is suspect. unrealistic sparring.
I did not see much on Streets smarts, Awareness to your surroundings, profiling, gut instincts etc or any regards to after confrontations. recovery, legalities, what to do next etc.
And most important ...NO PRICE for the training??????

Not much there IMHO

I appreciate the insight. That was my take on it as well. There's actually a Straightblast gym here in Toronto, but it's nowhere near me. If it was, I think myself and some of my friends would train there in a heartbeat.

Hey bro, one more thing, have your buddy go down and train and talk with the guy and see for himself, I just gave a 2 second look ya know that's really worth nothin???

or call the blast and see if anyone who trains there may live near you. At least you might get a training buddy

LK...where'bouts in the city are you?

TPTM-SBG Toronto is very easily accessed via TTC , 5-10 min walk from Greenwood station...close to downtown core....close to DVP.