Anyone know european recruiters?

I just got back from Poland and Germany and was told by several people that IT specialists, especially in Germany are in big demand. I love the environment there in Berlin (Spandau area) and the south of Poland (Krakow area) and feel confident about the salary vs cost of living vs lifestyle there.

However, I have no IT contacts and don't know any recruiters. I googled and didn't find a lot in english. I'd like to talk to someone just to investigate to see if the salaries and markets are what I was told. Anybody got a name/number?


I did searching high and low for awhile but could never make any solid contacts.  The best bet it to try OPM jobs for jobs on the military bases out there.  Past that - you got me.

how bout siemens?

I found for poland, but nothing for germany yet. US companies, know of any that do work in those areas?