Anyone know how to use premier?

I've got some great fights in one really big file. I need to cut them up into separate files , but don't know how. I'd also like to make some highlight clips w/ music overlayed.

I've got premier, but have no idea how to use it. Anyone have some advice or know a good online resource?


Boogie B

Premier, isn't the quickest thing to pick up... if you can get your hands on something a little more user friendly you will save yourself a bunch of time.

Showbiz is a good quick and easy program for what you want to do.


talk to big pete


i have final cut 4, is this something you want to do on your
own or you want some help? I have nothing to edit right now
and will cut it for you as long as you don't have like 10 hours
of tape.


(also i refuse to put bad music to any footage lol)

Dan, you're my hero. Email me.