Anyone Know John Darling?

I just wanted to know what gym he fights out of? I know he is from the Bradenton area. And I know he backed out of his fight Friday night at the last minute. And the way he did it doesn't make him or whoever he trains with look good.

hey, is he out of team valhalla, 240lbs 5'10" ?<br /><br />I'm actually scheduled to fight him may 1st in an ammy muay thai in south daytona.<br /><br />small world, lol

I dont know anything about him except that he is 1-0. Never met him...
was it an mma fight or muay thai?

It was for MMA. But his team wrapped his hands and when ISKA officials told them they needed him to unwrap his hands and re-wrap them so they could inspect them. Him and his team got up and left and he would not remove them. This make more then a few of us wonder why he just wouldn't unwrap his hands. They can claim they didn't have enough tape and stuff to re-warp but I know plenty of other teams including our team would have had the stuff for them to use. If he felt my training partner size differences was to large to fight he could have said so after weight-ins instead of wait til 15 minutes before the first fight to walk out for no real reason.

I hope the guy actually goes through with your fight and I hope you KO him Matt

hmmm, yeah that is kinda strange. I guess we will be using big 16oz gloves for my fight, so hand wrapping probably is not as critical. Heck, I never even bother wrapping my hands usually. How big was the guy he was fighting? He is 240lbs, so he isnt exactly small, lol

I'm 265 right now, but that is just because I'm fat...havent been watching my diet like I should, ha ha

The guy he was fighting was 300.

oh, ha ha, yeah that is pretty big.
Of course if he was really fat, then I guess I'd just dance around, stay on the outside, and drag him into the second or third round...counting on him not being in shape :)

it's hard to be 300 lbs and fit

You don't have your facts straight.I was with John Darling and that is not how it went down.Johns opponent weighed 305lbs.and John weighs 235.His opponent didn't make the weigh ins and weighed in later,so we were already dealing with some very unprofessional shit.The weight limit for heavy weights is 265lbs. so they told us his fight was going to be super heavyweight.We never said we didn't have any more tape thats ridiculous.We also did not walk on the fight at the last minute,we were told we were off the card and not fighting.Get your facts right before you open your mouth and insult us.The whole issue involves the owner of Chumpions MMA in Bradenton,a real joke of an mma school.Its a long story,but he got John thrown out.John wanted to fight even though his opponent came in ridiculously over weight.The owner of Chumpions is bitter because the word is out that they are pretending to be an mma school.Raul is the only guy with talent and he didn't get any of it from training there.He was nasty tough when he joined,no credit to them.

have they found another opponent for john at the muay thai fight on sunday?
I got my orbital socket and nose broken a few days ago and wont be able to fight...already notified dominique that I'm pulling out.

I may still come to watch...hope there is still going to be a heavyweight fight.

have they found another opponent for john at the muay thai fight on sunday?
I got my orbital socket and nose broken a few days ago and wont be able to fight...already notified dominique that I'm pulling out.

I may still come to watch...hope there is still going to be a heavyweight fight.

have they found another opponent for john at the muay thai fight on sunday?
I got my orbital socket and nose broken a few days ago and wont be able to fight...already notified dominique that I'm pulling out.

I may still come to watch...hope there is still going to be a heavyweight fight.

Those were the facts the fight was at super heavyweight from the start. And if you had tape then why not unwrap the hands for inspection? That seem like some very unprofessional shit to me. And please read my post again I never claimed you said you didn't have any more tape. What I said was that you "can claim you didn't " but if you did someone would have gave it to you. You were told to unwrap the hands or you would not be fighting. And you didn't fight. Simple fact.<br />So scottb why would you not just unwrap the hands? simple question.

And Scoot i have no clue about the whole Chumpions MMA in Bradenton,
<br /><br />Matt I heard about your injury I hope you heal up quickly !

Alright porkchop,forgive me if I,m irritated by you insinuating that John did something shady with his wraps.I can understand how you could come to conclusions by how it looked,but believe me,you have no idea what went on,or what this was about.It had nothing to do with hand wraps.It was a little coward,weasel who owns Chumpions mma that stopped this fight from happening.Its a long story and an old grudge.

thx, still have double vision, and will be a little worried till that goes away.
not worried about the bone so much


I was not trying to insinuate it was anything shady with John . I just wanted to find out why it happened like it did. the way it happened really did not look good for him or his fight team. I can understand you be upset but I wanted to hear what had happened from him or one of his team. I do know Kenny was set to fight at super heavyweight and he was there on time for the fight. And then they came in and told us the fight was off do to the other fighters hand wraps , and none of us understood why. I could under stand at the weigh-ins if he felt the differences in size was too much and he just said it but the way it happened no one understood why.

So I made some insults toward Champions MMA,calling it Chumpions, and insulted the skill level of the guys that train there.First I would like to apologize to Gino Tutera,who has the ground game equivalent to that of Art Jimmerson.Gino is my friend and he is a talented fighter.I should have included him with Raul.He also,like Raul,walked in the door with skill.

Next correction,Ross Kellin is the owner of Champions MMA in Lakeland,with affiliate schools.I am not speaking of him,I am speaking of the owner of the Bradenton affiliate.The Bradenton school unfortunately uses his name and represents him.He didn't seem to care when his schools name and reputation(in Bradenton) was screwing me and taking a big shit on me.It didn't concern him,but now when i insult the name it concerns him.So to set the record straight,Ross is an extremely talented grappler and an excellent mma coach.Anyone able to train with him would benefit tremendously.Its the Bradenton location that would erase any talent you have.I didn't come up with Chumpions,that's what every school in this area has been calling them for years.Andy has ruined the name in his area.My apologies.

 Have you been to champions? Have you trained there? It's not a bad gym at all. I'm not sure what happened with your fight but you were pretty vague about the whole thing. Andy, the Bradenton owner, is a good guy and a good trainer. Paul Ellis is a legit bad ass, he still clowns people and he is over 50 years old, but he is also a respectful dude and a good teacher. I don't have to defend Gino cause you already did. I trained there for close to a year and the only bad thing I could say about the whole thing was they desperately needed a full time jiu jitsu coach. Ross would come down from lakeland twice a month on wednesdays and that was it. The offensive wrestling and Kickboxing are definitely top knotch. I also know that no one is perfect and I would like to know what happened with a little more specifics other than "Andy is a dick blah blah blah"

I am not on here to talk shit. Scott Bills is a very reputable mma fighter. He fought internationally in pride got kicked in the face by a Japan and got sent home with a pack of instant noodles. I trained with both Scott and JD. The grudge is not between the fighters. Its between Team Valhalla and Andy. The drama has been this way for yrs. It should b put to bed or have a round table discussion and get everything out in the open. Why area fighters cant get along and train together is beyond me. Scott has been mad for yrs since i tapped him with a twister. Florida commision wont allow him to fight with his skin disease. Regardless i wish all fighters the best of luck in the future no matter what school you are from. The fact is that anyone who gets in that ring is a badass in my eyes. It takes alot to get in there. Alot of heart and dedication. I know what kind of fighters i train with. I have faith in all of them even my coaches. I might not always agree with things but i am humble and respectful. Champions MMA Bradenton has 5 fighters all in the top 10 in thier respective weight classes in florida. Gino Tutera #7(205) Matt Kersse #10(145) Troy Gerhart #9(155) Eric Reynolds #10(155) Raul Amaya #4(170). I think that is pretty respectful...

GT90,Gino is a liar,he tapped me with a wrist lock,not the twister,but it was while he was making gay sexual advances on me.Completely threw me off my game.You would think I would be used to it after years of training with Mike Lee,but it still freaks me out.As for you,anyone who claims Troy Gerhart is tough ruins all of there credibility and there post should be deleted.As for the Champions,bradenton,fighters,the ones you named are good fighters.The problem is several of the fighters you named personally told me they were better fighters before they joined Champions.2 years at Champions bradenton and there skill level went backwards.Troy was actually a tough guy before he joined.When Eric Reynolds joined,he was ranked #1 now he's #10.The only reason Gino got better is because he read Eddie Bravos book and became Facebook friends with Scott Bills.I should post a link to Gino's Myspace page,it explains a lot.