Anyone know long haulers from Covid?

A friend of ours had the early stages liver cirrhosis. She was overweight. Got Covid and was in the hospital for about 6 months. 2-3 on the tube. Her husband works for me and I paid him his wage to take off from work for nearly half the year. She slowly recovered and received a liver transplant. She’s about to get a kidney transplant now. Idk what the hell. A perfect storm I guess. She looks like hell and I hate to say. She will be lucky to see 50. Crazy to think that your lifestyle could catch up to you by the time you hit 40.

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They didn’t recently take a trip to Brazil… correct?

A close friend of mine had both Pfizer shots and spent a month in icu in a coma on a ventilator after getting covid

Pretty much this for me. I know quite a few people that have had it, 25% of them are older people and they’ve passed it within a couple weeks. Lots of tiredness and cold like symptoms but it was completely gone after 5-12 days .

Don’t know any long haulers but the Chimaev story is a bit frightening. Very small chance of it happening to you if it does….?

My friends brother, who is not obese by the way and early 40’s, spent 6 weeks in the hospital. 4 in the icu and 2 in covid ward. He came home a week or two ago. My friend has to help his brother shower and even assist him with walking.

Data has the % anywhere between 10-30% but the studies are weak and based on self reporting of symptoms or very subjective assessments. I think the % is closer to 5-10%. It also depends on the definition you use obviously

Is Mutant still shitting his pants “due to COVID?”

Mexico I think

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5-10% of what?


Had mild symptoms? OK SUUUUURRREE

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known 40 people or so with covid. None with anything but minor cold or moderate flu symptoms. and all were typical americans and some old, dont work out, overweight, some health issues, some in their 60s.

No long haulers.

Like any virus some people might get seriously ill or die. Some with serious illness will be damaged to some extent for some period of time.

if you cant see your “betters” are blwing this out of proportion by now you are bbllliinnnddd.


My co workers lungs are damaged. She gets winded easily.

I knew a team of world class athletes comprised of 50 guys that got Covid and now they can’t walk to the mail box without passing out !


Lord I wish this was the us women’s soccer team

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I knew one of those too . before Covid his 350 lb fat ass could fly up a set of 80 stairs without even breathing hard

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“Long Covid” at this point seems to be largely anecdotal with very little actual evidence it’s even remotely prevalent.

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That is why I started this thread. The msm and medical elite are saying between 1 in 10 or 5 get long haulers and I don’t know many people with this

long Covid is people looking for attention! nothing more!

They only lost because of “long Covid”!

And racist America!

I know at least 10 people that got Covid.
Seems ‘ long haul’ is hard to define, but of those- 2 of them (both females, 30s), lost their sense of taste and smell for several months.
One of them was my snl, she still can’t smell/taste and it’s been at least 6 months.
No lung/breathing issues like I’ve heard from some folks.