anyone know Roberto"PITBULL" Gallo

Hi guys,
Anyone know Roberto Gallo? I think he went to train with Tony Bonello in OZ.
can anyone help?

Hi there,
I knew Roberto when he trained in Scotland, he said he was hooking up with T.Bonello when he reached OZ. i've lost his e-mail and would like to contact him to see how he's getting on.


scott drop me an email mate

I know GALLO through BONELLO

I promote XFC


Benjj that's him!
Justin, thanks mate i'll do that.

Tell him to drop me an e-mail at if you see him guys

Ben, we have Paul McVeigh( NO RELATION!)Cagewarriors u65kg champ (he fought UFC vet Leigh Remedious) who trains with us at our school maybe it's him your thinking of?


Timothy McVeigh was in the fertilizer buiz right?

BenBJJ, tell Gallo It's Scott from Glasgow, Scotland.
Thanks mate


Gallo's got more ink than a newspaper press!!

Really nice guy! Looks scary as hell though with all those tats. He has just started training stand up (kick boxing)with us at Jin wu Koon (Cheuk Fai's).

Very eager to learn and even keener to fight!!


Just trying to confirm flights & ppl that might be coming up with me.

If you can move it then dont wait for me bro.

Will keep you posted

thanks Ben, just got thriugh reading it. Thanks mate.