Anyone know this guy?

This guys is promoting himself as a Grand Master of something or other and this is a direct quote from his website:

"He is considered one of the most knowledgeable and feared fighters alive in the world today!

Funny I have never Heard of him????

I think it's God, then Rickson, then this guy????


Am I missing something??

I don't know, he seems pretty intimidating...

Again from the website:

"His nickname is chanted by beloved fans. Mark "The
Crippler" Bailey is known for his unusual bone jarring
striking skills and bone crushing submissions which
have left many of his opponents knocked out or in need
of surgery. When Mark walks into the Cage he is
usually the only one who walks out."

Wasn't the term "shootfighting" banned sometime in like 1999?

This guy is a bone breaker.... with bone jaring strikes and bone crunch submissions.

Sounds like he's a ninja!

Brand new black belt w/red stripe, brand new V&M gi, FCF beanie, Century MMA training gloves - and socks. That's enough for me, he's legit! Right off camera is the trophy from the secret tournament he attended...

i love the basement carpet! and the discracing of the american flag!

regarding the red gi, see the post   "BJJ is not gay"

Why is there a native american

why does he not have a neck?

This guy looks legit, maybe Shen should check him out to make sure.

He is the only fighter ever to have won the World Samboju-Jitsu Championship 5 consecutive times. With over 30 years of fighting experience, he is a 27 time World Tournaments Champion.

"Why is there a native american"

He probably got his black belt from that Black Belt in Native American Martial Arts Chief guy.

What a joke!!!

Sheesh....when will these guys stop?!

i dont know him so i wont hate. but that is one sweet belt.

What's up with the native american?

I bet that dud is wearing combat sports shin guards, Windy thai shorts, and a tap out shirt underneath

It says he has a black belt in bjj from a Machado? Anybody confirm?

alot has been said about this guy here:

Mark Bailey 's skills along with incredible strength have left 37 fighters with broken arms, joints, and ankles. Five were paralyzed from chokes and slams. Some have needed major surgery for ligament damage.

Mark Bailey 's striking skills are considered from fighters around the world to be the most fatal in the world. These lethal strikes have left some in comas and others have perished. Mark Bailey never intends to kill the other fighters, but in some cases his striking strength is too powerful for a human body to withstand.

bwhaaaa hahahahahaah!!