Anyone know this guy?

Dana Charvet. He is supposed to be a Gokor BB(as well as a few other styles) but doesn't show up on Gokor's affiliate list on his website.

Anyway he just opened a place less than 5min from my house & I am curious about it. I would just go in and check out a class but I'm still recovering from an elbow injury(have 4-5 more weeks till I can grapple again). Just wondering if anyone here knows him.


Just googled his name and found a thread on sherdog about him. You might wanna check it out Phone Post

Thanks. I hadn't even asked anyone locally about him cause I just noticed the place yesterday.

My old bjj club closed up so I had been traveling all over the county to get in all the Judo classes I could.

Paragon is just too much money & doesn't offer the schedule that would justify the price. I can train with national level Judo guys for under $50/mo 4 days a week(if I'm not "on shift").

It's too bad because this would have been really close & saved a ton on gas/time.