Anyone know where to purchase Shooto Books ?

Hello all, this thread will be a boring one sorry. But I was wondering if anyone has ever purchased a Shooto or Shoot Wrestling book ? I have seen a few online ( Yori Nakamuras ) but it was $89.00 ! Anyone else have any ideas ? Thanks all have a good night

I had the Nakamura book but sold it a long time ago.

It's neat as an "artifact" but not very beneficial as an instructional tool.

There was only one pressing of that english language book ever. It was done in 1993 or 1994 by Dan Sullivan of OC Kickboxing and an Inosanto instructor.

There are a couple Japanese language books by Satoru Sayama -- not about Shooto but about other martial arts -- that have a lot of the same techniques. I think Sayama and Sensei Yori were formulating Shooto at the time and developing the curriculum.

I have the Shooto book and Sayama's Japanese Sambo book. I bought the Shooto book from Dan and the Sambo one from a bookstore in Little Tokyo.

I wonder if you contacted Dan Sullivan if he'd have any left for sale. You'd probably have to pay through the nose for it, but it is a great collector's item.

youtube yori. there are a bunch of videos out there of him