Anyone Like Trapt?

I listen to this CD more than any other. Are there any other fans in here?

Yep, I like 'em. They are from Los Gatos,CA I think. About 5 miles from me. They have a good sound.

What do they sound like?

Their song "Headstrong" was pretty cool a little more inovative in comparison to most of the stuff that is out today. Haven't heard any of their other songs though.

I've only heard a few other thier songs, sounds like wannabe hardcore or something

don't like them

I like them,and yes they are Bay area boys.

they have another song echo which sounds great

I think they have a video to "Made of Glass." If you liked Headstrong, pick up the CD. There are much better songs on there. Oh and you may have heard "Stillframe" on the radio.