Anyone listen to S-Town? **SPOILER**

Can't search from app. But I'm just wondering if anyone predicted the way it was gonna go. I knew he was a gay guy from the jump and I knew that the story wasn't true and I knew he was gonna kill himself. It was pretty obvious. It's clear he hated the town he lived in simply because he knew they'd never accept him. And he used a lot of things as a substitute for his homosexuality (climate change, oil crisis etc) as ways of showing how smart and different he was without ever having to admit being gay. I feel bad for him.

Sounds like he had brain damage, too. Mercury?

Apparently they think it was a contributing factor.

I thought maybe he had a thing for the host, too. 

Yeah I think Brian kept a lot of his personal life held back. I think the dick sucking thing was a hint like "I'm down if you are Yankee jew boy"