Anyone live at their work place?

My dream is to buy a half commercial half residential building and live there. Anyone have one of these, or live at their work place. Military doesn’t count

I used to. Hotel General Manager

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Did you like it?

I work from home


I always think about that idea, lots of independent insurance offices are converted houses. I would have my business office and live upstairs.

I used to, it was a purpose built cabin, but kinda military, we built our own little compound.

Im a homeless gay escort that can’t host so yes

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Team work at their live place

I once had a small retail shop that I lived in. Slept on an air mattress I would throw in the floor every night. It sucked because after dark I had to draw the blinds keep the lights low and not be very loud because it wasn’t legal to live there.


Working from home (or living where you work - whatever) has its advantages and disadvantages.
I’ve done it for a long time now and one thing I’d say is that you’ll want to have a life outside of home (just for the variety), or make it such that you go out to work a time or few per week (e.g. - go to a coffee shop for the wifi).
It can get monotonous seeing the same walls not just all day every day, but seeing them at night, too.
(Not sure if I’m expressing that very clearly…point is that you just gotta spend time away from your home / office / workspace or else it’ll end up getting to you.)


Had some friends that had a family restaurant and they slept on the floor when they had marital problems

I almost bought a 4 story building with apratments on floors 2 and 3 with a huge open area, literally a basketball court and dance floor, on floor 4 that i woukd have turned into lofts. The ground level was offices. The building needed asbestos/lead removal so I backed out when i sae the price tag. It was a great property but the remediation would have cost almost as much as the building.

When I was single, yes.

I work at home, does that count?

I have it perfect. My pub, catering company smokehouse, office and parking lot are together with 2 apartments and one.designated air bnb rental. My house is 400 yards up the street.

Yes. I give table showers and body rubs in my basement.

I lived in a decent closet in the gear room for 6 weeks until i found a place to live when I was a guide.
We had a fridge, shower, like 20 camp stoves lol, it was fine. My 150lb malamute lived there too.

I lived in gubmt housing when I was a ranger, 3 different parks. At one I had to walk through the office to get to the shower.

This all but 1 day a week, and that’s voluntary.

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