Anyone live in Kansas?

Have heard the Overland Park area is a great and safe place to live. Affordable housing with nice backyards. Compared to the north east coast it sounds like a great place to relocate to. Anyone ever been? Or live there?

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I grew up there, in the country. It’s nice and uncrowded. It’s flat and has the most violent hail storms in the summer. Not too bad overall.


I lived in Overland Park from 2016 to 2018 and have nothing but great things to say about the area. Very safe, affordable and nice. Johnny’s is a great bar to go to, and Jack Stack BBQ is literally life changing. When you go to Jack Stack, get some burnt ends and get one of their beef ribs. It’s like the size of a rib from the Flintstones lol, but it is so incredibly delicious. Unfortunately it will ruin every single rib you ever have in the future.

Best of luck to you on your move!


How about the politics there? No batshit liberal stuff around the area I am hoping to avoid that. I know Kansas is a pretty red state but just want to make sure

There is a lefty contingent there.

It’s in one of the very few counties that vote blue, but it’s not libtard central.

One of the best places to live in the KC metro area. Honestly, all around the edges of KC is nice and you can’t really go wrong, but Overland Park probably has the most going on.

Where are you moving from?

Used to live there in that area. Overland park was considered a nice place to live, its where the upper middle and upper class were. If youre going to live in ks, i would recommend that area

I lived in Olathe, and worked in Overland Park, for a year. Very nice place to live, affordable, great people and food, just as pretty much everyone has already said.

The only down side is the weather. People, myself included, would spend their time dashing from one air conditioned to the next to escape the heat and humidity. Then, the opposite in the winter. Running from one heated place to another to avoid the cold.

Get a remote starter for your vehicle. I had to call out from work once or twice due to my car being covered in a thick sheet of ice.


Nothing overly crazy from liberals there. One thing I was shocked to see was were the stickers in certain places (including my office building!) reminding people not to bring their guns inside. Lol that was culture shock for me.

If you aren’t religious, be ready for religion to be a regular topic brought up in conversations, even at work, as it is a very big part of life out there. Even a lot of the social scene is tied up into the church in some way or another. I’m not religious so that was also a shock for me.

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Overland Park is basically Missouri to us real Kansans.

Us on the Missouri side think of it as basically Missouri with bad drivers.

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The other thing about the weather is that you can dress one way, go to work and when you get out the weather be completely different. Warm and calm in the morning? Snowy blizzard when you go home! Haha. It can go from one extreme to another very quickly and this gets a lot of people sick.

Kansas drivers are terrible but holy fuck at Okie drivers. God forbid a few snow flakes fall.


Hold my beer…

That’s one of the best parts about living here. Everyday is a surprise. I don’t even check the weather. I never know what I’ll be walking into when I go outside.

I had a guy from Seattle work for me. A thunderstorm rolled through and this guy was freaking out, and everyone else was just going about their work. I think he thought we were all going to die because we were getting some ground shaking thunder. I told him I thought it rained all the time in Seattle. I’ll never forget the look he had on his face when he said, “Not like this.”