Anyone live in or around San dimas ca

Thinking of opening a small business there. 


Ive looked at demographics.  I've driven around. 


Im wondering about 


disposable income 

feelings about health 


any help would be appreciated 

I hear everyone is excellent to each other .

There's a water park and Santa's village I believe.

I live in Saskatoon SK, and I've visited Moose Jaw Sk many times.

I hope that helps you.

The high school's football team rules, or so I hear.

I don't think it is too safe there, especially at the mall. One time I was at the sporting goods store and this dude put on some football pads and got a baseball bat and just started bashing up the place. 

great icecream sundaes

There are strange things afoot at the Circle K.

San dimas is a nice cozy city. Lot of older people. Good place for families.

Their high school football team also rules.

socrates loves it 


I hear the hs FB team rules

chaplinshouse -

I did briefly while in school, my aunt still does, off one of the holes of a golf course.  Very near the Vons market.  I'd recommend checking that shopping center for vacancy it's a great location for all the tons of houses surrounding it.  Just a sea of neighborhoods.  Very clean safe area last checked.  

Great.   That's goood info.  Thank you 

The cops in that town are real hard asses. I hear they send most of their kids to military school.

Mostly white neighborhood at least in the 80s 

San DimashighschoolfootballRULES!

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K

san dimas, claremont, glendora are all great nice quiet safe cities. mostly white.


Try to look up "Missy" when you get there. Been awhile, but she was a hot number back in the day, should be a hot cougar by now