Anyone living with injuries that never healed?

Years later, are you still in pain or lacking full range motion?

I've been living this way for the past half year. I know how it feels bro. Phone Post 3.0

Fractures in my wrist from sports, I had to tape it the rest of my athletic career, and now wear wraps anytime I lift weights or workout.

I tore part of my quad and had a 6X4 bleeding hematoma in my leg a couple years back. I still have a dime size bruise on the side of my knee that never goes away, but grows for a couple days after leg day.

Right shoulder has a constant dull pain from throwing disc and Javelin for 13 years.

Injuries suck.... Phone Post 3.0

yep, my left shoulder is fucked

I've dislocated it over 20 times

Just developed tennis elbow, fml. Phone Post 3.0

25 plus years of football, rugby and martial arts training. I don't know anymore if they're injuries that never healed, or just wear and tear on the old chassis.

Back, shoulders, knee and an elbow just take turns hurting off and on (or all at the same time). It takes a good 45 minutes some mornings just to move around like normal. I move like the tin man before he got his joints oiled. Phone Post 3.0

Broke my hand and tore up the soft issue around the knuckle. Hand filled with fluid which eroded the joint, and now I have arthritis and limited mobility. Its hard to twist caps off drinks and turn door knobs with my left hand.

Have a 2 month hand injury that I'm putting off having looked at.

Prob going to waiting.

My entire left side


Got a boxers fracture in the military. Cut the cast off before my squad leader or anyone saw it so I wouldn't miss going to the field with my platoon. Now my hand hurts sometimes and it happens mostly lately when I am trying to hold a PS4 controller. Worth it. Phone Post 3.0

Seperated rib, left side. Used to hurt every day. Now it only hurts when i do something stupid. Phone Post 3.0

Pulled groin that never healed, 2 herniated disks, broken wrist that never fully healed. Yup, I have a few.

Bad year for me. Had a glass fall out of the fridge when I opened it and sliced off the bottom of a toe. 9 months later, still can't flex it. Xmas day, I used my mandoline for the 1st time. I found the guard tedious. Instead, I decided to hold the potato directly in my hand and sliced off a piece of fingers. 6 months later, still hurts a little and clearly the nerves aren't the same. 

Severed the nerves and flexor tendons in my right index and middle fingers. Don't have full range of motion or feeling. I'm happy with what I have, though. But its a bitch when its cold.


Also, have a titanium rod in my ankle. That hurts like hell in the morning sometimes, and my ankle is definitely not as strong as it used to be.

Mental wounds. They're driving me insane.

xNate - Seperated rib, left side. Used to hurt every day. Now it only hurts when i do something stupid. Phone Post 3.0
Same, plus broken wrist I never let heal right, 2 shoulder surgery but one still gives me daily pain, fucked up lower back from injury as a kid, knee is jacked up. I know You gotta pay to play, But I feel I should get a rebate soon though.

I'm a lemon lol Phone Post 3.0

My Ankle, 3 months later it still hurts after  a sprain playing Soccer.

It comes and goes. I can run 3 miles some days no problem the other days I can't even climb a ladder.

My entire body

A life of martial arts is stupid Phone Post 3.0

Injuries that never healed and chronic pain are two very different things. Phone Post 3.0

Fucked up my ankle during construction work back in like 2003. I think I broke something at the time...I was told it was just a sprain...didnt go back after swelling went down. Its never been the same. I walk fine and could run if I wasnt so fat. But it doesnt feel nearly as strong and and gets pretty sore from time to time if I sit back on my heels. Nothin major and the pain isnt constant but its certainly been "different" for the past decade and a half. Makes me really wish I wasnt such a puss about going back to the doctor back then.


I also fucked my back up playing roller hockey back  when I was like 16 or so. Again, the pain isnt constant and isnt terrible but certain movements trigger a bit of pain and it aches quite often.

Broke my elbow (literally, the olecrenon) and still can't fully straighten my arm some 13+ year later.

Rib injury way back when that I can still feel at certain angles/deep breaths.

Had a chick break my cock right out of college and have had a permanent left turn on 'er for 17 years now