Anyone make their own tortillas?

Tried to do it a few weeks back and it was a disaster. Been working on it since and cod dang, it’s really not that hard and fuck buying store bought tortillas. Just working on flour right now but the recipe is easy.

4C of flour (500g)
1C of hot water (240g)
.5C of butter or lard (120g)
1.75tsp of salt (25)
1.5tsp of baking powder (25g)

Kneed it all together for a few minutes, make 2.5oz (70g) balls and let them sit for 30 minutes. Roll them out and with a bottle or rolling pin under some wax or parchment paper, throw them on a hot cast iron pan for about 20 or 30 seconds a side and holy fuck! So damn good! Family loves them and prefers them over all other bread sides (garlic, sticks, knots, etc).

Up your bread game OG.

It took a few times to practice, but it’s really easy and infinitely better than store bought tortillas.


Flour is hard. Needs a womans hands

Press the ball of dough between a cutting board and a piece of wax paper with a plate, then roll it out with a bottle or rolling pin.

This is the hardest part. It just takes a little practice, but not much.

Yeah but with masa

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My wife makes some from time to time. She uses an old recipe from her mom and one of these:

Then cooks them on cast iron. The difference between those and the stuff in the store is night and day.

That thing is for masa

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I e read mixed philosophies on those for flour. Some think they are unnecessary some say they’re better. So I havent picked one up yet.

For corn tortillas, they’re essential. But I haven’t moved up to corn yet. Definitely plan to get one then and will test on flour. But not yet.

Some use them for flour. Some say don’t.

Because, guey. Because

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Ones soft and easy to roll and bang out one is hard and needs to get smashed

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Growing up in texas as a Jewish kid, I had 1 other jew kid in my crew as well as 2 other messicans. The 4 of us used to say oye guey all the time.

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It’s easier to spend the $1.50 that tortillas cost already made. The taste difference isn’t that big. Most of the taste comes from whatever you put inside of it.

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Flour tortillas are for flyover faggots and Tex Mex posers. You’re supposed to use Masa bendecco.


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Paging ilovetortillas (if she is around anymore)

My girlfriend is Mexican & she says the temperature of the water is very important.


Mess around with your wait times, e.g. 30 mins, 35 mins, 40 mins etc. You’ll get different levels of airiness and you can dial in for the perfect tortilla. I use different wait times for different tacos and it make a subtle but worthwhile difference.

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Replace the butter or lard with bacon fat. Delish!

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You are fucking high or dont have a tounge.

Im noticing this recently. I used very hot water and melted butter recently and it made a big difference. Dont jave enough data to dial in perfection yet.