Anyone make their own tortillas?

Interesting. That makes sense. As the gluten relaxes, air fills in i guess?

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Seriously? Gonna try.

I grew up in texas, so suck it.:blush:

Plan to learn corn next.

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I do make my own as well a little different recipe than yours. I just use flour, water, tiny bit of olive oil (like 1 tbsp)… but I do this to make a cleaner healthier tortilla rather than for taste but ya it tastes like 100 times better than store bought as well thats just a bonus.

I also found some local brand that makes uncooked tortillas that ingredients are just flour, coconut oil, baking powder, salt. If I’m lazy I just buy those… still 100 times better than buying precooked heavily processed tortillas and they taste great too.

My wife makes flour and corn. She is gonna try a blend soon. I prefer corn most of the time for most types of tacos but enjoy flour too.

For tacos, i prefer corn too. But for eating plain with butter or queso, i prefer flour. Better for quesadillas too.

Does someone have a low-carb formula and can you freeze them? Even the Walmart brand low-carb tortillas are like 4 bucks for only 8. Be a good money-saving thing to make a bunch by hand then freeze them in packs. Fuck Walmart.

Just buy a low carb flour that you like the taste of and just google the ratio of flour to water for a tortilla for that flour, leave whatever else the same.

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Never it plain tortillas myself or with queso. Not even a quesadilla fan. Now tacos and salsas… one of the greatest types of dishes on the planet for sure.

Yes you can freeze them. Never tried it, but have read it several times.

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Lots of tex mex restaurants (in texas anyway) bring fresh tortillas to the table with your water. Like a basket of bread. When theyre hot and fresh theyre devine.

Not sure about flour tortillas but small corn tortillas are only about 40 calories a piece so you can make some low cal tacos when you use chicken breast, fish or shrimp and various salsas with a variety of peppers.

I’m sure.

Corn is alright, I like the flour texture better though. Corn seems like you almost need something greasy/cheesy on it to make it decent. I usually just use flour with grilled chicken/steak and throw some spicy pico on it. The doughy-er type flour tortilla seems to work better for that.

Depends on the type of corn too. Varies by producer as well. I have two packs here in front of me that are 70 and 100 (for 2). Fuck making a taco with one corn tortilla.

These store bought flour I have are 150kcal each. But if I add up the calories of my ingredients and divide by the number of tortillas I made, mine are around 200 each. Not super healthy either. Each one has about 30 carbs.

lol. Oh yeah, forgot corn is all flimsy. Shit falls apart too easy with just one.

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Unless you fry them, they’re worthless alone.

Homemade don’t fall apart nearly as easy as premade store versions.

Good to know. Looking forward to making them next.

That’s my guess, I learned it from a Mexican roommate years ago and tried it and it works.