Anyone metal detect? Found some stuff

I found these items on a property I own in a part of the country with rich history going back 200 years. Buried 6 inches down. We also had a lot of native activity/battles here. Wondering what to do with these, best ways to clean, and to assess any value. I dont believe there would be too much value but Id hazard to guess that the horseshoe and (what I think might be) spearhead are 150 years old or more.


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You can start 2 YouTube channels now. One for finding metal shit, and one for restoring it!

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metal detecting can be awesome.

hit a beach at 5am after a long weekend.

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A friend of mine is really into this stuff. He claims he found a really old ring that was worth 50k or some shit. Regardless sounds like it’d be fun as hell to do

it’s illegal in a lot of places. lots of relic hunters don’t fix the holes they dig properly or at all so many places have just banned it all together.

yeah I can see that. My buddy took his detector over to one of my properties so I owned the acreage. Honestly it was way more fun and addictive than I thought it would be


I started metal detecting with my son a couple years ago. It’s a lot of fun.
I own a few acres that was originally a parcel of a larger farm. We’ve found horseshoes like your pic, hand forged nails, old tools, and random metal pieces that are heavily corroded.
It’s a big hobby for some folks, guys will go to shore mines after storms detecting etc.
There are some public lands that allow metal detecting, it’s typically posted.
Sounds like you have a cool property to explore, like mine…you own it and can do whatever you want.

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Those look like old door parts. A knocker and part of a hinge.


Yeah, looks like some sort of hinge to me as well.

that’s what i’m thinking too.

yep its def a hinge, wondering if the other piece could be a spear head

I was surprised by how physically demanding it was. Constantly bending over to dig, etc etc. Think i’m doing it wrong?

yes. make your friend do the digging like I did :slight_smile: