Anyone Miss the Yoshida Days?

Maybe it's just me, but I miss the times on this forum when Yoshida was first on the rise.

There was thread after thread about whether or not his fights were worked and the arguments were fantastic.

Anyone else feel this way?

where is that HB? Link?

I think it's damned amsuing. Thread after thread, then... Nothing...

Yeah, it ironically stopped after Yoshida lost to Silva.

I would also like to read that article if anyone has a link.

It pales in comparison to older days of pdeking's judo trolling vs the BJJ sycophants.

The BJJ vs Judo debate owned.

I truly miss that.

lol@"the kimono queen"

Cool, thanks for that.

DAMN good question about Sham.. I remember that kid, he was like a more entertaining, less annoying version of KoP.


Evil Yoshida is still here, don't worry.

well at least now we have Ogawa--same thing. Exact same thing in fact

Although Fedor's judo is not at Ogawa's level, his youth will work to his advantage. I expect a close final in the GP between the two.

I dont.

I don`t miss him or his nutthugger fans. It is still hard for them to admit Pride is still doing works and had to make him look better than he really is by paying fighters to lose or carry him a round or two. Oh yeah. It is a Japanese event for Japanse fans isn`t it? I know,I`ve heard that bullshit before and as long as the Japanese fans buy into it it will continue even if they can`t tell the difference between a real fighter and a fake one.

Yourfather is correct.

BUAHAHAHAHA at Meltzer's stuff putting a stop to anything. Well, I printed it out and took it to the toilet with me and used it as toilet paper... so maybe it did actually put a stop to something.

Martialartsfan is correct. But the debate did end rather peacefully.

I still think that Pride does do some worked fights, and I'm very suspicious about Ogawa's recent victory.