Anyone never been able to shake the futility of life?

I feel the same OP. Have you had any meaningful relationships?

I had a girlfriend that gave my life a lot of meaning and happiness and I was a pretty poor boyfriend and threw it all away.

Obviously one needs purpose independently of others but in the end we’re social animals and some way or another everything we do ultimately finds its meaning in relation to other people.

Life is a drag for me these days, and I’ve got it pretty good. I just don’t get joy from it. I’ve met other girls but they do nothing for me. If you offered me a million dollars, I’d take it but I don’t think it would even make me smile.

Anyway man, as hard as it is, we can only keep our chin up and keep grinding it out. I know I have some lessons to learn and misery is a great teacher.

All the best

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Yall need Jesus and more kids.

Gbest post ive ever read about metaphysics on the OG.

Sounds like depression.

Or have we as a society just experienced and seen way more then the people before us?

My folks visited only a couple countries in their lifetime. I have been to around 90 and lived as a resident in 5 countries on 4 continents.

We see more on TV and the infoweb to process then any other time.
Might it be nothing is the “wow” factor anymore?

While death is inevitable for everyone, its the choices we make that keeps life worth living.

look into the concept of “outcome independence”

if you can keep good moral ethics while also understand that failure is meaningless you become a lot more brave about risk taking and getting out there. that can be a good place to be.

I look at the stars and realise we are a meaningless spec. but you don’t want to be an asshole moral nihilist either so you have to walk a tightrope. good luck