Anyone observe Lent?

Lent begins tonight at midnight. 40 days of denial.

40 days giving up something I love, for a mythological character... nah I'm good 

only from a distance.

I celebrate fat tuesday but not lent

Yeah, why not? A bit of self-denial is good for your character. Does not have to be only during Lent, though.

I do.

But I really just observe it as more of a mean of self-improvement than anything religious.


I like to go to the fish frys

My inlaws do. I admire them for it too. They always give up something they really enjoy, and they don't break for anything.

That would be hard to do I think.

My father in law is giving up red wine this year. He loves to have a couple glasses every night. I think he'll still drink it during communion though, but I'm not sure.