Anyone on a PvP Ally server?

I know I know...Ally sucks (and it does) but I played horde pretty much from day 1 and just in May made ally characters w/ my wife. Problem is we are on a dead server and I want to transfer. She doesn't play much and if I am gonna play this ally, I need people to gank.

Where you do you find the population levels at? I'd like to roll on a higher population server.


So no one plays Ally? Not surprised.

there's lots of ally players. Sqaut, Dlondo, leglockfan.

What servers?

Im on Archimonde

Rainbows and Lollipops

Can I get an alt in your guild piggle?


just messaged me on Puppykisses or Snugglepuss

PROBABLY going to be on Snugglepuss because being a rogue sucks ass right now

just logged in with gnomoseksual but nobody on, i'll try with fruitymo later

hehe Im at work

Ill be home after 5cst

Im on Smolderthorn...

Kom is my main.


good one..hahah

I would have thought more people play PvP, but those number indicate most play PvE.

Gonna be rolling on Destromath me thinks.

I play Alliance on Dunemaul. I like Horde more but all of my buddies play Alliance. My main is Sarvok, but lately I've been playing my alt Candrah.