anyone order Wine while at a sports bar?

some buddies are going out for the fights tonight, and Im not in the mood to drink beer. But I could go for some this suspect? 

What about jack n coke or anything along those lines?

Does it come with cock or do you have to order that extra?

Yeah, don't do it. The swill they serve is barely a step above box wine. If you don't want to drink, get soda water with lime and roll to the bar high as a kite.

Who gives a fuck, order what you want

get to the point in life where you want what the fuck you want and fuck everyone else... enjoy...

Kwang - Usually people order wine to wash the cum down.

Get a carafe of Lambrusco. Glass with ice. Class that joint up a bit. 

Drink what you want, brotha!

Pounded wine at a UFC in vegas. Didn't want to piss all night. You're all good bro

invalid -

Who gives a fuck, order what you want


Not at all. Have a good friend that has some heart issues and he'll drink wine.

He's usually the best looking guy in the bar though. I think that helps.