Anyone own a Laundromat?

There are a couple of laundromats for sale right now here and they seem like they could be a good idea.

I would imagine that they don't take a lot of time to operate and could be fairly profitable, but then again, I know nothing about them.

Does anyone have any insight into this business?

no insight, but here might be a decent place to start:

Call Heidi Fleiss, she has one now.

you should open a laundrymat/payday advance loan/liqour store.

that'll cover most bases.


i've heard they're a great investment, but have a fairly high barrier to entry.

From what i understand you need to own the cleaning "hub" where all the clothes get cleaned and that can be the expensive part. But after you have the hub operating, you can open up as many store fronts as you want in different parts of town with out any additional expenses other than rent.

How much are the laundro mats you are looking at? Does it indicate what the cleaning facility is like, or if its a communal facility used by multiple storefronts?