Anyone own a Peloton?

Im thinking of picking one up, what is your overall experience with them?


Over under it will be doing nothing except holding clothes in less than 3 months?

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I like to use Pelotons socially, if someone buys that thing we just can’t be friends.

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I find the commercials so overtly pompous

Even worse than Crossfitters

My daughter has one. Used it maybe two weeks and now it takes up a nice portion of her living room. We bought one of those exercise Mirror things. It’s pretty cool, same concept as the Peloton just not on a bike.

Fight Camp is kind of the same idea too, but with a punching bag

A real bike is better.

I’m not a fan of subscription services like peloton. I imagine it’s a little culty and super gay.

There should be a lot of them hitting the 2nd hand market pretty soon. Saw huge price cut on TV but it doesn’t come with subscription.

Buy a rowing machine.

Also, if you get a real bike, a trainer and a zwift account, you can race people online which is more fun than working out.

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Side note, being a peloton trainer sounds lucrative, I don’t know how they get paid but having a worldwide platoon of porkers signing up for $14.99 a month in January probably adds up nicely.

Ever worked out while listening to Tool…on weed, man?