Anyone own Nukes or f-15s here?

If they want to fuck around, they can find out.


Well good luck to you all taking on the government.

No one on here was pushing for it. They’re simply saying that IF it were to happen, the populace in no way needs nukes and jets to be successful.


You don’t need guns to fuck this country up…


I sincerely hope for everyone involved it doesn’t come down to it also. I’m sure the military isn’t keen to fire on their own families and friends either.

Agree however if you were raised by a single mother and are now an adjunct professor of the humanities at the local college, or a college educated female that hangs out with her other single friends at Panera on the weekend you generally don’t have any contact with that part of American society so this plays well to the Dem base of smug ignorance

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Democrats: “good luck fighting the mighty government, stupid hillbillies!”

Also Democrats: “on Jan 6 a group of dangerous, unarmed insurrectionist hillbilly fat guys and grandmas almost overthrew the government!”


Trump gained ground by playing tuff guy for Americans while secretly giving concessions to moderate terrorists which were actually just terrorists.

Even that worked better then the usual American plan. Of creating terrorists in order to destabilize the World for the benefit of America.

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I don’t but am all for it. Not nukes but anything up to that

America has always fought battles on others land. The old excuse of “we fight them over there so they don’t bring the fight to America”.

America can barely win a war or even a tussle around the World.

I think if we look at history though America is more then willing to kill it’s fellow American if the Government gets enough propaganda going to rile you up.
Police have no problem dropping bombs on houses, shooting protestors or letting the National Guard do it.

America is all wound up against the Black’s, Asian’s, Mexican’s etc, cause it is the norm every two years to try and divide the country for the One Party system.

They need you fighting each other, they are probably sitting there thinking what do we have to do to make people act on their oath? Americans unlike other countries have no fight in them for their home country at home.

It is used and the lives are used up for the Empire elsewhere in wars.

It makes sense that many Americans are not returning to work. The Government is giving them cheques for being American. Libya used to pay for houses, education and many other things for it’s people from the profits of the Nation.

America gets things for free as long as the other countries use the US dollar. So the Government gets money for nothing and then gets resources for nothing. So why should Americans have to work for the dollar if the Government (and socialist elites) gets everything for free plus steal every last dollar they can in taxes?

So focused on your guns that you let them steal everything but your guns.


You are a dangerously ignorant and stupid cur. The military exists to protect the Gov. They also want their pensions and money.

Oh look another dangerously ignorant and stupid cur

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Oh look, another ignored user


He probably thinks “soldiers” are brainwashed robots required to blindly follow orders and kill without question. He’s thinking of ex military contractors.

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Truth hurts?

I lost my nukes and F-15s in a boating accident :frowning:


Lol, haha oh look, another dipshit who has zero contact with actual people in the military.

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All fucking day, this.

Their stupidity is eclipsed only by their stupidity.

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Did we or didn’t we take over the capitol building on Jan 6 without firing a shot. You can’t play it both ways.


A coordinated armed citizenry willing to shoot could have the entire country’s law enforcement scared to put on their uniform.

3-5 days of coordinated shooting at cops spread out over a wide enough geographical foot print would have them lose over half their ranks until they got their national guard babysitters to show up and protect them.

Look at their reactions to Dorner. And he was just one guy.

That’s all it would take to get the “government” into very predictable types of behavior like martial law and increases in militarized security.

From there it would be just a matter of patience. Welcome them as liberators in the daylight and shoot at them at night when they get out of the tank to take a piss.

Not easy or pleasant, but it is rather simple