Anyone own Nukes or f-15s here?

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Did we or didn’t we take over the capitol building on Jan 6 without firing a shot. You can’t play it both ways.

Jan 6 showed a lot of cards IMO. It showed that if there was ever a time to actually attack, it’s the first run. After that they will sink millions into militarizing whatever zone was targetted. We may actually never see the Capitol so vulnerable ever again

Yes, just like in Canada a small (under 1000) group could easily take most everything that matters across the country. Transit, media, power, etc., then it doesn’t matter that the Police and Military are still around.

In Canada like the US the rural areas are where Governments will stay away from. That would be a down and dirty scraps for the Government but they’d need to finish it before the city folks started starving.


But what if the some were firing on Americans, would you take up arms to fight those Americans who were firing on Americans?

might want to check that. they are going through the ranks as we speak.

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I hadn’t heard this. Can you elaborate or provide a link or two?

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Round them up for the first purge I say.

Sold mine and now I realize what those motherfuckers was worth yo!!!

Thank you! I hadn’t heard about them purging people.

It is like a friendlier way of making terrorists out of disgruntle employees.

We’ve talked about that before. There will always be a few that can’t say no to an unlawful command and do what they’re told. We would deal with them internally. Most active duty folks have no stomach for shooting Americans. But when I was active duty, we pretty much all agreed that should a commander issue that order, he would be the first one taken out of the fight.

Round who up?

This stupid witch hunt is considering support of the first amendment support of racism. It’s got the military all sorts of fucked up. They are trying to find a way to get constitutionalists out of the military… when it’s in our oath to die to protect the constitution. I’ve gotta say that for something so loud at the top levels, there isn’t really a peep at the bottom. Other than a few embarrassed giggles, of course.

Not like the US military has EVER been held at bay with nothing but small arms for indefinite periods.

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What If I have a stabilizing brace on my nuke or F15? Do I have to get a tax stamp?



Our supply chain is run by civilians. Even the ammo depots are staffed by civilians.

We are not in any way able to defeat the US military. But we can damn sure make the fight a prospect that would make Alexander blush.