Anyone own or waiting on a RIVIAN?

This makes sense.

I’m not too excited about a potential switch to electric for trades. I can’t imagine I’d be able to haul a full dump trailer, multiple times, to various places in a day, without it causing me to stop and recharge.

The Lightning looks pretty cool though, :+1:


Lol came to say this.

I guess it depends on how much u travel currently. They should have a usable range of at least 400km, depending on how much u are carrying vs towing, doug demuro said that they claim a10% loss when a full tray of about 1ton is used. Towing, I’ve read differing losses for differing trailers (box trailers, horse floats, caravans, etc)
I guess range anxiety would be an issue for jobs at isolated sites, and ones that lack adequate power supply, but I assume most building sites are powered for tools, and it’s not a stretch to hook up the vehicle to that supply while u work during the day, parking area permitting


Seems to be a decent amount of info to still gather before knowing their limitations. Seems like you keep up or at least trying to keep up with it. I am not, hoping it wont affect me, so this helps.

“The slowest option is to plug your electric car directly into a wall outlet.”
“The estimate time until full sat at “more than 24 hours” for most of the day.”

This was for a 120v outlet. ^^

“A step up from this is the Level 2, 240 volt charger.”
“Even at the slower Level 2 rate, a larger electric car can be filled from empty overnight, making it ideal for most use cases.“

Can a car charger be installed at any property?

“This depends on the type of property you live in, and who owns it. If you are renting, then it is unlikely that your landlord will want you installing a car charger — but then again, there is no harm in asking to make sure.”

“If you own a house with a garage or driveway, then go ahead and buy yourself a car charger. You may need an electrician to come and upgrade your wiring, or fit a 240 volt outlet, but this is simple enough to have done.”

That last sentence tells me they have no idea what it takes to wire, add to existing or rewire a house.

All in all, I dont see this as a viable option for heavy duty work. Light duty, weekend work, boat, yeah. I dont really see it for camping, not until every camp ground has charging stations.

There are so many facets to any job. Having to figure out if/how you are going to charge a major component is another pain in the ass that no one needs.

Not trying to be combative. Was looking into this a little bit ago when I rode in a friends Tesla. Badass! But he can’t make a straight trip, without having to charge for a couple hrs, beyond 300 miles. Doesnt sound like they are there yet.


Yeah, when i go electric. I am going 3 phase 440v in my garage. Charge these bitch ass cars in 15 mins.

Also need 48" clear areas, leathers, and poke sticks


Best lesson I ever learned in nuclear power was how to use the hook.
“If you are being electrocuted I will use this hook to jerk you off the wires. If I cannot jerk you off then I will use the hook to beat you off of the wires.”



Yep, same with girlfriends back in junior high. If you can’t jerk me off, you better beat me off!


They aren’t. And when everyone has an EV because the gov has mandated that 2035 they can no longer sell them. Then what?

Gas will be $20 a gallon of yo u can find it and EV charging will be slow and unstable


Absolutely seems like they are rolling this out whether ready or not. Where do they think the electricity to power these chargers is coming from?

I dont mind them making another sector and if it takes off great, why demolish another one, entirely, on the way?
Think this will cause more problems than solutions as you stated.


I’ll reply to this as best I can, taking into consideration that I’m in Australia, and we have 240v outlets, not 120v that u have.
Also, my home has 3 phase power and I’ve installed a 5pin outlet to get me faster charge rate. However, since I’ve owned my tesla since sept 2021,I’ve never even charged at home as I charge at my workplace for free.

Regarding charging, I agree that as a renter, it can be problematic, but if u have a garage and access to an outlet, u can charge. If u rent an apartment, then that will be an issue.
America has an advanced super charger network with many more locations, so using the plugshare app can be helpful in finding close charging plugs.

I would think that most campgrounds and caravan parks would be powered as most caravans need to park in their designated bays either access to power. We certainly have power outlets in Australia

Regarding your friend, I’m not sure what he is saying, it would only take a couple of hours to charge if he only had access to a standard power outlet, otherwise, on long road trips, u use the convenience of the telsa super charger network, where it takes about 15-20mins to charge from 20% to 80%.
I had a discussion with someone who claimed that driving an ev from Sydney to Melbourne would take many hours longer than driving a petrol car. Well the actual answer is that it would take about 60mins longer. The trip distance is about 900km,using Google maps and punching in directions, it said 9hrs for that trip. Using “a better route planner” app, a dedicated ev charging app, u would make that same trip in 9hrs 55mins, needing 3 charging stops of about 18mins ea.
Anyway, ev’s aren’t for everyone, I acknowledge that. People need to research and evaluate their use case. For me, free charging, no maintenance, govt incentives and the reasonable price (I was going to buy a golf r wagon for around that money) made switching to an ev a no brainer


Your #’s are based on the current numbers of EV’s on the market

I live in Toronto. In a condo with 20 floors and 300 units. If every until had an EV (some 2) and more for visitors. Where is the infrastructure going to come from and how will all those power stations be powered?

Now multiply that by the 10’000’s on condo buildings in the gta

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As I mentioned, apartment complexes pose an issue with ev uptake.
In the UK, all new housing builds will require charging infrastructure as part of their approval.
In Australia, many inner city apartments don’t even have car spaces as part of their build.
I know this doesnt answer your question.
I’ve thought about it only briefly as it desnt affect me as I own a home. My only suggestions would be to build out charge station networks, convert existing car parks in apartment complexes that can meet the requirements such as partnering with ev charging companies to install paid fast charging bays in visitor car spots (I understand that many older complexes might not have applicable common areas avail for conversion)
Its a complicated issue with apartments. Some are massive multi unit dwellings, while some are boutique small developments.
It will be difficult, but no one said the transition would be immediate. The reality is that ev’s will be adopted by many more people over the next few years

See you know more than I, from Australia…

Good point, I meant them having to install the new ones with whatever new power constraints. Potato/potatoes.

This is going back a couple years but said he’d have to stop and charge for a minimum of 45mins after 6-7hrs of driving. Again this is coming from me through a friend so take that as you will.

I wonder how the “lines” differ, meaning when you pull into to charge compared to gas up, which will be easier to keep going in an evacuation situation?

Agree! I just dont want anyone telling me I need to switch to something that is still in its infancy stage, especially when coming to heavy duty. Appreciate your time :+1:

Idk if its been posted

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The guidance came out mid week and rivian jumped 20%

Didn’t know that about soros … but if he’s making money that means I’m making money

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Didn’t read but he also bought nio and lucid. That rat bastard owns so many politicians he probably knows ev’s are going to be mandated on us soon.



Ford just sold 7 million shares of Rivian. Not looking good.

1 hour to go. Somebody hop on this…:roll_eyes: