Anyone pay for premium tim pool membership?

I just signed up a little bit ago and started watching some of the after shows… that dude cusses like every other word, it’s pretty damn funny. Being uncensored is pretty cool.

fuck that ice cube GIF

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The left censoring people is good for his business. As soon as that started happening he started pushing that membership hard. Every episode he talks about how he could be censored any day now.

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He actually didn’t get it going until a few months back if I remember correctly. But ya it plays right in to him and his schtick. He had to have the high speed internet thing routed to his house to even do it all… guess that cost him a bunch of $. But he said they’re closing in on 1 million subs, I paid the $10 just because I like his take on things, that’s $10 mill a month or some shit. You can pay more if you want.

I like his take on things, I mean he can be tough to take, and no one is perfect, but for my opinion, he’s pretty damn close to calling a spade a spade.

But his premium stuff… dude curses up a storm, it’s just funny. To go from them all censoring what they say, to saying whatever and however they want, it’s entertaining.

I wouldn’t doubt he ends up getting banned at some point. Crowder is a little more “edgy” I guess you could say, even though he’s not edgy at all, and they got him recently. A few days ago he got taken down off youtube, I think for good. That’s what they do. They started out with Alex Jones, no one spoke out because of how crazy he is and the frogs being gay. Then they pick people off, one by one. So now that Alex is gone, and he was the furthest person on the right (in their opinion) someone slides over and takes his spot, and then they draw the attention and get banned. Then wash and repeat.

I mean it’s clear as day, they want 1 party and 1 thought being pushed… even though most people don’t feel the way that they do… where people can look down and see a dick but call themselves a girl. And people actually cheer that shit on… Our country demographically is red, all over the fucking country. It’s just in the cities where the low information mouth breathing mongoloids reside casting ballots for the democrats.