Anyone play disc golf?

Pretty fun honestly. Most of the top players look to be completely unathletic so it could be a good sport for a lot of the people on this forum

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Used to get stoned and play w friends all the time back in high school.
Just now getting my son into it.

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Got a week off later in summer. Going to try.

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I tried it once. I might be worse and more boring than real golf. A couple of my fat and out of shape buddies love it. They go once or twice a week and call it exercising. They even have a bunch of different frisbees and bags to carry them (amd beer and weed) in.

The drugs or the disk golf?


I’m glad I’m not the only one who read that as someone getting back into drugs….with their kid. Ha!

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Yes, I have played at the pro level for a long time. I would say almost all of the top players are very athletic.

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Longest drive?

My friends played in high school. I would go along to be friendly.

Its not really that fun IMO. Boring like regular golf.

I suppose it depends on your definition of athletic. I would dominate every top 10 player in every other sport or competition

I think the course you’re on matters a lot and your ability to control a disc. We have a course in the woods where I live and you have to weave through/around trees, I find it interesting

The field near me is fenced around 400 so I haven’t been able to test beyond that yet. I’ve only been playing for two months

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Christian Bale GIF by PeacockTV

Thanks. I am past my prime and happy with 432’ these days. I’d lose to most 1000 rated players. My best finish at pro Worlds was 50th. I don’t suck but no one is asking for my autograph. It’s a tremendous amount of fun and surprisingly physically when you throw really hard and hike up and down hills all day with 20lbs on your back.

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I’m guessing you saw this?


Yes, absolutely amazing how that unfolded. If I had to pick one person to throw that shot in that moment it would have been James, and there he was.

I don’t think he’s done any drugs yet. He did get absolutely wasted camping last year. Mom said he could have a twisted tea or two… he drank about 10 and it was a puking rally after that.

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Ben Askren is supposed to be pretty hardcore into disc golf and he looks like a stereotypical player

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This is a real thing? Huh. Cool.