Anyone play disc golf?

This. We would probably go at least 4 days a week. That lasted for years. Played last year after not playing for like 15 years. I was not as good as I once was. I was sore as shit the next day. Lol

Played this weekend lower back sore as a mother from chucking drivers all day

Yeah, I have a pitch count for throwing hard. At about 40 I’m sore as hell the next day.

Played for probably 30 years. If you come to TX, look up the course in The Woodlands - I drew up the plans and secured the funding to get it put in back in the 90s.


I can pretty much guarantee we know each other, lol.

You local?

Getting into it this summer. Have my driver, mid and putt discs (or whatever they’re actually called!).

Can’t wait, looks fun.

The Thunderbird Paseo Disc Golf course is minutes from my house and I walk my dogs all over that area. Im generalizing, obveez i dont think my brother OGers are dipshitz but the dudes i run into are…

Just got a Valkyrie , Mako3 and a roc3 trying to get a good all around set up . Got a nova putter

Mix in a Teebird, Firebird and some type of Aviar. Big bead or not.

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@Revenant I am not. Do you know Jim D?

I tried but the frisbees don’t go very far, even with my driver. Couldn’t get into it.

I don’t have a course withing 1/2 hr, and just don’t have the time these days. I’m going to look at the disc golf in VR on ocus quest though. It looks like it could be a good way to get the idea.

Believe it or not, for those that don’t know, the VR glasses for $250(?) Are incredible. Absolutely stunning. I was fishing in my garage at 4am. I boxed a tall heavyweight out there the other day. Disc golf is something that could really work well, know they have at least one realistic simulator avail, plus some arcadey ones.

What weight do you go for as a begginer? Lighter? 165 grams 170… my mako 3 is 180 my putter 175

I’ve been using road runner 166 grams and it goes farther than any other disc I have. I got a wraith tour series 175 but I can’t throw it far at all. Always hooks left. Got a valkeri also goes ok got a champion leapord goes ok but I’m trying to get distance . Feels like I should go for a lighter weight disc