Anyone play on Bodog Poker???

Just wanted to know if anyone has played with them- pros/cons????

Canadians not allowed. :(

my brother does, he is usually on the 2/4 and 3/6, i had a look, its pretty glitchy sometimes, and the software sometimes just crashes, but the games r apparently soft as marshmallows.

Why aren't Canadians allowed?


I started playing there. Since the whole NETELLER thing, I closed all my accounts but kept one account at Planet Poker. When Planet Poker closed their money games, they allowed free transfers to Bodog. I'll say one thing - much more players on-line than on Planet Poker (which isn't saying much); compared to Full Tilt, Ultimate Bet or PokerStars, there aren't many players on-line.

The software is a's's also a memory hog...I can't play videos and play poker at the same time with their software! I think they spent too much time/effort trying to bling up the software/interface which may account for its sluggish performance and its tendency to hang when I try to play porn in another window.

thats not the software, its the trojans at work scanning ur computer keylogging and stealing ur important info

I have played on BoDog for about 2 years and love it, I am playing right now. I wouldn't say the games are as soft as Party Poker was. The tourneys have there mix of every level, up to low level pro.

The guranteed large tourneys used to be great because if they didn't have enough players to pay out the gurantee, they tossed there own money in. On X-mas eve a $100k the tossed in $36k of there own money. They don't do these as often or they fill up now.

PL Omaha hi is super easy to make a quick buck on. I have been playing mostly cash games for the last 4 months. $50 max no-limit, short handed $1-2, and $2-4 10 seater.

I would play on full tilt but had problems depositing, I will try again though.

The sportsbook is alright not great MMA lines like pinnacle, but you can still bet on the fights.

Calvin Ayres rocks, my friend stayed at an all inclusive in Costa Rica for 2.5 weeks free cause he was cornering a BoDog fight. I will support a man who supports the sport I love.

i did until i saw quads 4 times in 30 mins.

The Nl 6 handed games are very soft

"i did until i saw quads 4 times in 30 mins."

And this matters because?