anyone play online poker?

Just wondering if any of you guys play poker online. What's your opinions of it? I've been playing at and it i've had pretty good luck so far, but it seems much more like luck than anything else.

I think subwhite belt is a poker guy. He is pretty sharp.

I'm not really with the philosophical stuff, i just wanna win some cash. Besides, people come in and out so much online, how do u know if there an ass?

I love the idea of online blackjack and the like. LOL!

somehow I doubt you have the same odds of winning as you do in person.

sub- have you read the book about the MIT students who made millions playing poker or blackjack by counting cards? I read a summary and it seemed like an entertaining story.

I am real happy that I found this thread tonight. I am real interested in learning to play poker and to improve my game. I play on the weekends with friends and family and we bet real small like nickels and dimes :)

I would like to play online for very small amounts - could anyone recommend a good site?
I have done ok at black jack in the past but always wanted to get good at poker.


I played at last night and lost about 700.00 in fake money :) I lost almost every hand and when I had the good hands I didnt raise enough ;) Sounds like you had a bad expierience playing or someting? Reminds me of the movie rounders hehehe!
I will most likely take your advice and waste my time on something more productive - I did have funb playing last night though even if I sucked


the book is called Bringing Down the House, I just ordered it. should be a good read.

Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels is better than Rounders which is basically your formula Hollywood bullshit movie (eating oreos is the dead giveaway... LOL!), and it gives you a good idea of the integrity of many of the people you'll be playing against when you gamble. However, poker is not the main substance of the story- just the reason for a whopping debt. check it out.


Thanks for the response - Last night when I went to play I didnt even know what I was doing but I learned alot from losing and I read up a little bit on it today - I played for about 1/2 hour this afternoon and won 75 bucks (fake money) and then quit.

I am not a troll or faking a screen name - I post on the UG all of the time. I run 3 martial arts schools and do a lot of Jiujitsu - at the end of the night I want to kick back and relax if I cant find a good movie to rent I dont see how playing a little poker would hurt if I am not even playing for real money. I have no illussions of becoming some great player or even playing for real money. I also play a lot of Chess, Black Jack and Tony Hawk Pro skater on PS2. So I will take your advice and not play for money but Whats is wrong with wanting to get good at the game just to get good?


WOW that was a really good post - one of the better posts I have read anywhere on the UG and I am serious. You make a lot of really good points - Last night I played for several hours again only for fake money and I won a lot! IN my last few hands I totally took all of this guys fake money and I read him pretty easily. It felt good :) I will take your advice and not play for real money. I think I am going to also seriously look into finding a new hobbie.


thanks for the review. after I read it I can mail it to you if you remind me. looking forward to reading it.

subwhitebelt you should write a book - I would Buy it :) I played again last night and won again it seems almost easy to double my money by just playing very conservatively. I fold on every hand if I dont have 2 pairs or better and I never raise unless I have atleast a 3 of a kind and the card dont look like someone else could have a straight. PLaying for quaters with 10 people on a table the pot gets big real fast but when you lose you dont lose much if you are careful and when you win you do pretty well. I wont like 150 last night but again this is just fake money and I am also a very predictable player and I think someone good would catch on to that.

I do play guitar - my father is a jazz guitarist and is very good I have been playing with him for about 15 years now and for fun a play in a local rock/punk rock band. I guess our sound is like punk rock with a good lead guitar :) I apreciate the advice you have given me - with out it I would have probobly already lost money playing poker - I am going to stay away from any money games


I'm sure they let all the fake money players become fake fucking millionaires.

no doubt the real money players are quite a different story.


I won 3 blackjack hands with fake money, and then lost the 1st and only hand with a $1 bet.

(before you call me an idiot for doing this, keep in mind that I was testing to prove my theory was correct.... and I can afford to lose $1.)

conscience... lol.

Mezrich's "Bringing Down the House" is a good read, I finished it in 2 days. I can't say how accurately it portrays the events and experiences of Kevin Lewis and the MIT team, but it's good reading nonetheless.

Sorry for not responding so long, dont check out this forum that much.

Sub: "You have only one of these things, jacketwrestler. It's clear you lack the others, and are not likely to develop them."

Wow, your a real fucking mind reader huh Sub? Out of 2 of my posts you can already tell what kind of person I am and what cards I'm holding? LMAO.. you sound like one of those dicks on online poker who makes commentary after every hand. I bet you jack off to a casino dictionary trying to act like your some kind of high roller (but we all know that isn't true from how much you post on here). Maybe I am the "ass" at the table, but fuck, I've had pretty good luck so far. So good luck on your commentary carreer.

P.S. "I know all the main stars from 'Rounders'". LOL! Fuckn classic!

I have to agree that when I first read subwhites posts I thought he just seemed like a dick or something but after reading all of his posts twice I have to now say that he is 100% correct. I was about 1 day away from betting for real money online and subwhite talked me out of it and I am glad he did. I still play for fake money but that is all.


Since the resident expert has already graced this thread many times with his "wisdom" I am hesitant to post but I'll bravely give it a shot. I've been playing online for about 4 years starting with Planet but most of my time is now spent playing at Party since it is the largest site and attracts the most fish (poor players). FWIW, I've made over $10k playing online over the last 12 months and averaged about $20 an hour. That also includes deposit bonuses and other handouts that the sites often give to attract players and their money. I generally play multiple tables of $2/4, $3/6, or $5/10, either holdem or omaha/8 and I bought a 21" monitor specifically to be able to play without the table windows overlapping. I have played as high as $15/30 but I just not comfortable playing at that level--the swings can be breathtaking and I get enough stress at work. I don't play for a living but just as a hobby and I'm careful to balance my family life (I have two young kids) with my playing time.

I have purchased and read (and reread) over 20 different poker books include all the "classics" such as Theory of Poker, Holdem for Advanced Players, Winning Low-limit Holdem. I keep very accurate records of my play on each site at each limit as well as using hand history tracking software to try my own as well as other player's play.

IMO, online play can be beaten but it takes work. It is nearly impossible for sites to completely stop collusion between players via instant messaging or cell phone so that is always a risk. The game plays very fast online and many players play too many hands as a result. Playing a tight (i.e., don't see many flops) aggressive (i.e., when in doubt, bet) game in the long run will get you the money.

I have also played in brick and mortar pokerrooms about once every 3-4 months in Biloxi for the last 5 years but I don't like the smoke at the Grand so I've been playing there less and less even though it is a very nice poker room.

If you want to sell any of your old poker books anyone please send me an eamil at