Anyone play pen and paper RPG's?

I've been getting into playing pen and paper RPG's again after not having played AD&D and Rifts back in the 90's when I was a teenager.

Are there any OG'ers who are active gamers, and if so, what games do you play? I've been trying to find a group to play the Shadowrun 4th edition game with, as it looks pretty cool.

Since middle school (28 years old now) I've been playing AD&D 2nd edition, Top Secret, Shadowrun, Werewolf/Vampire, and Battletech.

As fun as all the games are, AD&D is still tops. Top Secret is a close second.

Man, I used to play ALL the time. Started back in '79 with Basic D&D, and played most systems & generas since.

Top Secret? Played the hell out of that back in the day. Is that even published any more? LOL! Anyway, Top Secret was a LOT more fun before the Berlin Wall came down.

The thing is, though, computer RPGs exist.