Anyone play UFC fightnation on facebook?

If so I have a question.

I guess not.

I used to play when it was in beta Phone Post

Maybe you can help. I had some FB points since I joined for the game. Don't do a whole lot of gaming on there, besides mafia wars. You can use these credits to buy energy/stamina boost. So I spent them on something that looked like an icebag that said +50health/+50stamina. doesn't say boost, and just wondered if it was a permanent boost. I don't want to waste it if it's not.

Pretty sure that just replenishes you health and stamina after you use it all in fights (instead of waiting for it to fill over time) not adding to the amount you can have overall. Phone Post

Cool. that's what I thought. I better save it for the GSP fight. Kinda gay it cost a bunch of reward points and is only temp, tough.