Anyone played footgolf?

Seems like you can mix any sport with golf. Kinda wanna try it


Portland’s Riverside Golf Course is hosting footgolf from Oct. 24 through Nov. 30. It’s soccer (without the running) meets golf (without the clubs).

It’s a good excuse to grab a few friends, dig out a pair of argyle socks and your old soccer ball and play a game outside this fall. Basically, you kick the ball (one at a time, like golf) toward the hole, which will be 21-inches wide. The player to land the ball in the hole with the fewest kicks wins.

The sport follows most golf etiquette rules: You and your friends take turns, no running, no cleats, no driving your cart on the grass, wear a polo shirt, respect the tee markers. And has a few extra rules: If your ball goes into a pond, wait for the ball to float back to you, if your ball goes into a sand pit you must kick it out from a standstill (no running start in the sand traps), your ball must be uniquely marked (is that a gold rule? I don’t play golf.).

At Riverside, footgolf will cost $6 for nine holes or $12 for 18 holes (it’s only a 9-hole course, so you would just play the same course twice). You’ll need a No. 5 soccer ball or you can rent one for $5. Phone Post 3.0

I've been playing this in my back yard for 30 years...Man, I should take a break!

It's ridiculous. They get in the way of actual golf. It'd be like me golfing in the middle of a soccer game. Phone Post 3.0

Two horrible sports merge.

No but disc golf is the shit, it's challenging and easy to drink while you play Phone Post 3.0

I watched this video and these guy made it look like a sport for assholes Phone Post 3.0

Fucking white people. You disappoint me with your fuckery.