ANyone playing SW:KOTORII ?

I might go pick it up tonight. Just looking for some reviews.

I will be in two days ;-)

My wife informed me that she will not give me KOTOR 2 (which I have been waiting for) one second before I give her Prince of Persia 2 (which she has been waiting for), so I gotta wait 'til we open gifts on Xmas Eve :-/

The XBox magazine review was very complimentary, basically saying it was nearly identical to the first in terms of strengths (good story, great combat, cool force powers) and weaknesses (occasional dips in framerate, slow beginning). There was also one minor quibble that the main bad guy, Darth Nihilus (the Jedi in the white clown-type mask that's in all the ads), does not play as big a role in the game as Darth Malak did in the first one.....