Anyone Pvp

As a shaman? I fucking suck at it. I am good resto, but suck as ench or elem.

elem pvp flow:
1) is an enemy near you?
yes - use thunderstorm/earthbind totem/ghostwolf + frostshock to move away
no - spam lightning bolts with lava burst
2) is that mage going to turn you into a sheep? wind shear it and turn him into a frog
3) are you about to take a butt load of magic damage? grounding totem.

ench pvp flow:
bind as follows:
1 - bloodlust
2 - shamanistic rage
3 - feral wolves
4 - stormstrike
5 - lava lash
6 - wind shear

press 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.. repeat 4 and 5, press 6 when target is casting.

 I pvp IRL!

 I pve in real life.

I did like 30 quests at work today and made around $200.

'Enchancement' shaman lol, haven't seen that for a while.

despite what most enhancement enthusiasts say, speccing into enchancement offers more flexibility, as you can mind fuck your opponent with your enchanting ways