Anyone read Combat Nutrition?

by Coach Hale? Any reviews? Its pretty much only a matter of time until i buy it, i want to get UGs thoughts.


About Jamie (from his website, its a FRAT):

Alan Aragon commenting on PROTEIN ESSENTIALS by Jamie Hale
"This book is a must in any practitioner or enthusiast's library. It's the most in-depth work I've read on the subject."
Alan Aragon, author of Girth Control: The Science of Fat Loss & Muscle Gain
Nutritional Counselor, Continuing Education Provider

Gary Bliss, editor Massive Lifestyles Magazine
"One of the best trainers in the USA".

Jamie Hale is Sports Conditioning Coach, author, gym owner, fitness and nutrition consultant. He has contributed to numerous exercise and sports publications (nationally and internationally). He has authored four books. He is currently working on his fifth book titled Protein Essentials: what every athlete needs to know. Jamie is a member of the World Marital Arts Hall of Fame in recognition of his conditioning work with Martial Artists. He is considered by most in the industry as a specialist in agility and sledgehammer training. Also known for his ability to get bodybuilders lean and dry as bone for competition. To learn more abut Jamie visit his website at . He is available for seminars and camps as well. Jamie can be reached by phone at 859-737-2753.


My involvement with competitive sports and fitness started when I was 10 years old. I played numerous sports as a kid, including baseball (which I was very good at), basketball, skateboarding, and martial arts. I was also a daredevil, performing whatever stunts my friends would ask me to. I was really fascinated with jumping from rooftops, jumping from houses into swimming pools, being tied with rope and dropped into the water (No worry! My friends were close by) rolling down hills while inside a barrel etc. You get the point: anything dangerous, I liked it. I am paying for this now as my son, Reece, seems to be just like his dad in regards to the daredevil attitude.

As I got older I participated in boxing, MMA, tennis, fencing, bodybuilding, Olympic weightlifting, and various other physical activities. I was the founder and President of Eastern Kentucky University's boxing team. I have accomplished many things in the field of fitness, but we will discuss that at the end of the book. Now, let's talk about my studies in the nutritional sciences.

Over the last 15 years I have personally experimented with about every type of eating plan you can imagine. Some of these protocols include high carb-low fat, high fat-low carb, Multiple carb leverage loading, 100% protein, Caffeine fasting, Protein Sparing Modified fast, Isocaloric diets, Anabolic bursting cycles, XDL DIET, XDL2 DIET, Whey protein diets, fish diets, etc.I first became interested in nutrition as I needed to make weight for competitive boxing. I also became interested in nutrition as Type 2 diabetes runs in my family. With exercise and proper nutrition I realized that this condition could be managed fairly easily. I tried many diets and always lost the weight necessary, although I didn't look or feel that good. I have experienced a wide array of different body compositions in my journey for nutritional excellence. When I was a competitive boxer, I competed at 132-147lbs at 7% body fat. When I was training MMA seriously, I weighed 160lbs at 7-8% body fat. At the height of my bodybuilding stage, I weighed 216lbs at 18% and competed at around 150-155lbs at 4.5-5.5 % body fat. Post XDL DIET, I was around 150-155lbs at a little over 3% body fat and dry as a bone. Currently I weigh 165-170 lbs at 5% body fat. People always ask me how I have altered my physique so much over the years. The resounding response is Nutrition.

I worked at a facility called Castlewood Group Home that housed Prader- Willi patients. One of the key characteristics with Prader Willi patients is insatiable appetites. My job was to regulate their living habits and incorporate sound nutritional and exercise practice into their everyday lives. Their calories and food intake were strictly regulated as obesity creates the biggest health problem with Prader- Willi patients. Recent studies have demonstrated benefits of growth

hormone treatment in causing accelerated growth and decreasing percent body fat. Growth hormone has also been shown to improve physical strength and agility in patients with Prader-Willi syndrome. Some studies also indicate abnormally high levels of ghrelin (high levels of ghrelin are appetite stimulating often referred to as orexigenic) in Prader- Willi patients.

I have had the pleasure of consulting and working with some of the most respected authorities in the field of fitness, nutrition, and sports. I have conducted in depth work with Coach John Davies (founder of Renegade Training, author of Renegade Training For football, sport conditioning specialist, In the past few years, Coach Davies and I have conducted seminars together, designed training regimens, and compared our ideas as they apply to fitness and sports condoning. Coach Davies is one of the many coaches from around the world I have worked with regarding fitness and sports conditioning. I have also done a great deal of work with Torque Athletic ( concerning product design and various aspects of fitness. In the field of nutrition I have worked and consulted with Lyle McDonald (author of Ketogenic Diet, the man when it comes to nutrition, In fact, Lyle's work has influenced my nutritional studies tremendously. I am currently researching applications of nutrition 10-12 hours per day. I consulted with Lyle in regards to writing XDL DIET book as well as designing my Low Carb Dieting (The Truth) Seminar. We have had extensive conversations in regards to nutrition. When you ask Lyle a question you really get a definite, in depth answer. I need to give thanks to Dan Moore as he is served as my research associate for numerous projects. Check out Dan's site at I have extensively studied the work of other authorities, including nutrition researchers Tipton, Rennie, Wolfe, Volek and Lemon just to name a few.

I serve as a Nutritional Consultant and Training advisor to Karate International Council of Kickboxing, Nutritional Consultant to competitive bodybuilders, competitive athletes, and general fitness enthusiasts. I also work with nutritional design for diabetics and kids. I avidly research the science and practicality of nutrition. In the Sports Conditioning Industry I am often referred to as the Practical Scientist (where practical-in the trenches knowledge meets science). My approach to nutrition follows the same principles. After designing hundreds of nutritional programs and conducting hundreds of experiments, I have built a sound base for my beliefs and practices.

And the other half:

My nutrition programs usually address four criteria

1) general health

2) performance in sport and everyday life

3) body composition

4) consumption of essential nutrients

  • Member of the Life Extension Foundation (The Life Extension Foundation is the world's largest organization dedicated to finding scientific methods for addressing disease, aging, and death. The Life Extension Foundation is a non-profit group that funds pioneering scientific research aimed at achieving an indefinitely extended healthy human lifespan)

  • Freelance Researcher (Freelance research regarding nutrition and Fitness. Research includes data for papers, books, articles, news pieces, seminars, tv projects, debates and research projects).

  • Coach Hale became an official member of The World Martial Arts Hall of Fame April the 4th 2003. He is recognized for his Strength and Conditioning work and nutritional work with martial artists and his writings pertaining to the arts. Coach Hale is also vice chairman for the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame and a member of the IBBF ( International Black Belt Federation).

  • Former Co-promoter of the Kentucky Fighting Challenge (Mixed martial arts event)

  • USAW (United States America Weightlifting) Club Coach

  • Member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association

  • Board Member of the Kentucky Strength and Conditioning Association

  • Founder and Former-Director of Kentucky Strength and Conditioning Association Roundtable (non profit research, and educational group)

  • Develops comprehensive training programs for all facets of physical preparation.

  • Acclaimed for his work with combat athletes.

  • Strength and Conditioning forum moderator at

  • Honorary member and adviser to K.I.C.K. (Karate International Council of Kickboxing)

  • Owner of Total Body Fitness

  • Certified fitness trainer through "International Sport Sciences Association". May 97- May 2003

  • Trainer of people of all body types and fitness levels.

  • Developed numerous training techniques.

  • Owner of

  • Provides numerous consultation services including phone consults, program design, personal training, nutritional design, camps and seminars.

  • Author of Optimum Physique XDL DIET , The Carbohydrate Files and MaxCondition

  • Owner of Winchester Golden Gloves Boxing

  • Owner of MaxCondition Sports Conditioning

  • Competitive Bodybuilding Consultant

  • Nutrition Consultant and Researcher

  • Founder of the XDL (Xtreme Density Leanness) DIET

  • Contributor to Conditioning Handbook by Brian Jones


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Founder of XDL DIET
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