Anyone read Divergent series? SPOILERS if not all3

I admit, I'm in my 30s but I'm a sucker for post-apocalyptic young adult stories ie hunger games. I just finished the Divergent trilogy.

Personally, I do not think Veronica Roth is a strong writer. In the 3rd book (Allegiant), all of a sudden, there are semi-alternating chapters with Tobias's point of view. That seemed fishy right from the start. Then she SPOILER kills off Tris. Roth can argue that it was her intention all along or it fits perfectly in Tris learning the true meaning of sacrificing ones self but I think she did it because she knew her last book was weak and needed to do something to really stir the pot and leave a lasting memory on readers. I don't think she had to create a happy ending but I do not think it was necessary to kill off Tris.

What you think? Phone Post 3.0

I got halfway through the first book and stopped. I liked the concept but I don't enjoy the female protagonist angle that much I guess. I didn't like the way she wrote either. Phone Post 3.0

Death and Taxes -

The chapters from Tobias' point of view are awkward because they're obviously written by a woman.

I actually liked the way Book 3 wrapped up.

Yah, there wasn't much difference in the pov of tris or Tobias.

At least you liked the ending. Phone Post 3.0