anyone read Geoff Thompson books?

I recently saw a review of Geoff Thompson's book "Watch My Back." Has anyone read it?

I look forward to getting grandpab's book, which reminded me to ask about Thompson's book.

Havent read that one, but did read "Dead or Alive" about two years ago. It was pretty good.

WATCH MY BACK - is eye opening for people who think they know self-defense but haven't not really been in a real world incident. this book will also be eye-opening for people who have not read books in this vein before. i read an early copy of the book, when it was pub'd by paladin press and it was only 100 odd pgs or so. i believe geoff thompson has re-pub'd this along with at least 2 more of his "memoirs" and i think new book is called BOUNCER and it's 400 pgs or so. it mainly recounts how he is a black belt in IIRC karate and judo and how he wanted to test his skills by being a "doorman" (bouncer). he found out many of what he learned in the dojo did not and would not work on the street and on the "door". he talks mainly of how he would get the adrenal dump and how he dealt with it. talked a little about pre-emptive striking and sucker punches.

i also read DEAD OR ALIVE. this book was written way before one of his newer books, ART OF FIGHTING WITHOUT FIGHTING.

sorry, gotta go, markets about to open. i will post about DOA and AOFWF when i have time.

check (there are articles and excerpts to some of his books online)

DOA - has some good pre-contact tactics/strategy. has an outline of what thompson has believed to be the various stages of the adrenal dump. like JKD's ranges concept, it's not meant to be like, ok, now i'm in the initial stage of the adrenal dump, going on to the 2nd stage etc.

about 1/3 of the book is physical techniques (we all know this part, basic punches, knees, elbows, headbutts, kicks, throws, chokes); about a 1/3 of the book is his interviews with rapists and muggers and what they look for in victims. good info. helps in "target hardening".

avoidance is mentioned but not really "preached" IMO compared to his later book ART OF FIGHTING WITHOUT FIGHTING. in AOFWF, thompson gives a few examples and "preaches" avoidance more than anything to well, avoid, incidents. he seemed to have matured and mellowed out in this later book compared to DOA in which he still seemed gung-ho in mixing it up. this is just my impression after reading both books.

in AOFWF, not much in terms of physical techniques, a little coverage of his "fence" and a lot of avoidance. good book as is DOA.

if you are looking for one book for a general overview of thompson's approach, both books will do. if you are a total newbie and need help with physical techniques (not that a book will really teach you it) then get DOA.


Thanks Stickgrappler. I think I'm going to get Watch My Back and maybe DOA. I'm not a regular bar-brawler but I'm not exactly a newbie either. I'm interested in the stories and the fight theory.

I'm also going to get grandpab's book.

Any more opinions on Thompson's books?

A new edition of Dead or Alive would be great.