Anyone read "The Fighting Spirit..

...of Judo" by Yasuhiro Yamashita? I just did. I enjoyed it.

Yes one of my favorite judo books ever.

osotogake has leg uchimata-ed the correct and I must say that I don't say such a thing very often.

"Modern Judo" by George Kerr and Peter S. is also VERY good.

I read it.

good book.

osotogake - Do you have the Osotogari book? I read somewhere that if you already have "The Fighting Spirit of Judo" you don't need to buy the Osotogari book? What's your opinion? I'm looking for more osoto tips/techniques.

Yeah! One of my favs too. I have Yamashita's osoto book too and i personally like it. It is true he does not devote much to the often seen hooking style of osoto but if you like the other Masterclass boks you'll like it. My favourite bit is the competition photos.

rodgie - Do you recommend getting the Osotogari book if I already have the "Fighting Spirit of Judo"? I read somewhere it has a lot of overlap. I'm just interested in osoto techniques/tips.

Actually the book shows *some* dyanmic osoto but it's about 4 pages at the most.

I liked the osoto gari book.

I thought it was a great book.
Especially liked the comment about not liking
running because he was too fat.
Yamashita Sensei took a seminar here (New Zealand)
last year and this year we had Kashiwazaki Sense
run a camp. All good.

Great book, I still enjoy it.

The back section of "Best Judo", is very inspirational too.

Ben R.

If you're serious about your osotogari, buy both books, i.e. both "The Fighting Spirit" and "Osotogari" (both by Yamashita)! I own them both. You get different perspectives from each and subtle little pointers. Obviously, "Osotogari" is a bit better if you're just interested in that throw and don't have the money to buy both books.

I agree with jonpall. There is some overlap between the osoto section of "The fighting Spirit" but that is to be expected. There are more combos though, counters and osoto is generally explored in more detail.

I would recommend both if you can get them and are interested in improving your osoto.