Anyone reccomend an MRP?

Hey guys,

Im looking for a good MRP. At the mo im too busy to cook up 5 meals a day, so for about the next six months, I am thinking of taking an MRP twice a day.

At the moment, its a toss up between Myoplex and MesoTech

My reason for these two is because they are the most popular, from what reading up I have done.

I will more than likely be taking one packet a day and splitting it up into two servings, my reason for this is that both contain 40+ grams of Protein, which I know is two much to take in in one go, for me anyway. Otherwise I will be leaving a pretty bad smell lingering around everywhere I have been if you get my drift :)

Your thoughts are much appreciated guys!


Mesotech is overpriced (you're helping them pay for all of that bullshit advertising they do) and overhyped like ALL muscletech products. Myoplex is a little more affordable so of those 2 I'd go for that one. Don't sweat the extra 8 to 10 grams of protein per meal. Optimum Nutrition, Prolab, Met-rx and others all make similiar products. Buy the one that tastes the best and fits your budget. These products are all very similiar and I doubt very much if one will produce greater gains than it's competitors.

I much prefer the taste of Myoplex to Mesotech. If you are
worried about too much protein, the Myoplex Lite is pretty

As for cost, I have been buying it at the local 24 Hour Fitness
whenever they have a sale. I've been getting it for around
$55 for a 42 pack box.

I also like theMet-RX RTD, the one that comes in a can. If
you are at work or school and you just need a quick hit of
protein that is really easy to use.

I've tried almost every MRP bar and shake out there. My vote for best all around shake is Met-Rx (Choclate)just add a table spoon of peanut butter and your good to go..., best all around bar is Meso-Tech (Cookies and Cream). I also just stumbled on to Pro Labs N-Large 2. Check out, they got tunz of stuff, at a pretty good price.

If you don't like the thick shakes and want one that taste like a sport drink then go to and try their MRP 3. It comes in grape and fruit punch. When mixed with milk they taste sort of like a creamier gatorade.

Labrada - Peanutbutter and Chocolate flavor. Some good stuff man.

Thanks Guys, Ill give MesoTech a miss then, what about MetRx? How does that compare to Myoplex?


My favorite is CytoGainer by Cytoplex. Good stuff, cookies and cream flavor. Tastes like a real shake. Has complex carbs, protein, creatine, and glutamine. I've had good results with it.

N-Large is supposed to be pretty decent.. thats what I've read. I'm not sure what exactly it consists of, but some smart guys I know drink 'em down.

i really used to like Met-RX chocolate MRP, but ever since they
changed the formula (it's now in a red box, used to be white box)
the taste is significantly funkier. it's also got alot of partially
hydroginated oils in it which i don't remember being in the old
version. the great thing about Met-RX though is that it truly is an
MRP and has every vitamin etc and also contains a good amount of
L-Glutamine. I just don't like the new taste.

For the past few months I've been "eating" Classic GROW
(chocolate) simply because of all the hype i've read about it (and
because I had a local Vitamin Shoppe order it and their discount is
pretty decent). It tastes pretty good but is significantly thinner
than Met-RX (thought it mixes easier). It unfortunately doesn't
have any Vit A, Vit C or L-Glutamine, so I had to shell out the
extra money and get those sups in individual form which is fine
since sometimes I like to take and extra L-glutamine pill

Chocolate Milk flavored Muscle Milk is really tasty, but really thin
and too expensive for the amount of servings per container.

Cytogainer tastes really funky, is really thin, but has alot of
calories if you're looking for that. I really didn't like that it
contained creatine (but that's another story).


CytoGainer tasted funny? What flavor did you get, and did you use water or skim milk. I buy the stuff all the time but havn't tried anything else but cookies and cream flavor. Thanks.

TriGuy: I don't remember the exact flavour i bought, but I'm sure
it's whatever "chocolate" variety there was. I mixed it with water
and also tried skim milk. It's got some ingredient which makes it
stirable/no need to blend, but whatever that ingredient was it
made it seem almost carbonated/fizzy with a thin head... tasted a
bit medecinal. just my experience though. i did gain some weight
from it which was good, but after i stopped i lost the weight... was
probably the creatine. i'm a difficult case though since i can
probably drop 5lbs a day from just sleeping or breathing.