Anyone remember Battlecade?

I happened to find the dvd's of Battlecade Extreme fighting from Wilmington NC. I was wondering if anyone else remembered this show and it's sequel from the Reservation in Canada where 9 fighters were arrested the morning after the show?

John Perretti put the matches together, and he featured the Gracies prominently.

Ralph, Marcus (Conan) Silvera and Mario Sperry all won fights on the first Battlecade.

Mr T doing interviews with the fighters was funny because alot of them didn't speak great english and neither does he lol. He also confused Sperry's record with Conan's .

Best part for me was Conan being the most eloquent interview, stating that if everyone trained martial arts we would all think a bit more clearly and there would be less violence in the world.

So yeah am i the only one who saw this or what ? lol


 nope never heard of your gonna tell me the BattleShip event never happened.

Watching Battlecade these days is hilarious.  I popped one in the other day.  They have guys like Mario Sperry listed at 600-0.  John Peretti on the microphone is pure comedy.

battlecade were pioneers in mma IMO . Weight classses , even match ups , rounds and so on. They were also the first to have real gold medalist (kenny monday and kevin jackson ) wrestlers fight for them. so many good fights , I love those dvd's.

 "he mounted him like a little pony"

"ooh that move was sexy"

Anyone know more about Carl Franks? I believe he was an early Relson jiu-jitsu guy out of Hawaii and did some silat. had some wins over a few early UFC guys.

Yeah Sperry was listed at 272 and 0 lmfao

Iron Bear was listed at 150 and 1 but what Perretti was saying that noone really listened to was that the records were in the respective sports lol.

I thought Carl Franks had a stroke later on and ended his career. He was listed as Pankration back in the day.

Battlecade (aka Extreme Fighting) actually became decent in the 3rd and 4th show. Hume vs Paulson was good, Maurice Smith changes MMA (beating BJJ and wrestlers), and the intro of Olympics caliber wrestlers like Jackson and Monday.

Carlos Newton fought in the second one. I enjoy watching them just like I enjoy watching the old UFC's it's cool to follow them and watch the sport evolve.

The first Battlecade there were no gloves or anything. The second they intro'd the gloves and rules about hanging on the cage, after Lewis won against Gracie by holding the cage all night long.

Interesting wayofthezen thanks. Agree also with the rest of your post.

 LOL I forgot about the John Lewis fight.  There was some funny shit in Battlecade.

 still have never seen the full mo smith vs kazunari fight


 I wish they would've released the 3rd one on DVD in the states. Conan vs Maurice FTW!!!

Carlton Fist - Anyone know more about Carl Franks? I believe he was an early Relson jiu-jitsu guy out of Hawaii and did some silat. had some wins over a few early UFC guys.

Carl was much much better than he showed in that fight. He was not at all physically healthy going in and never should have taken the fight.

Carl did have a stroke later and I am not sure if he ever recovered from it or what he is doing now.

Since I knew him personally, I will tell you that Carl was a natural 170 or so. He for some reason got involved with some bodybuilder types and miraculously ballooned up to over 220. I consider him the sport's first casualty of PHDs as i suspect his health problems were due to his use of said supplements.

Pierrot, thanks. I know he had some wins over Marcus Bossett, Joe Charles, and John Matua, maybe in a Hawaiian tournament?

Thanks for the info pierrot. Franks always seemed to be way too small for heavyweight (being listed at 5'8").

He did have a good marathon fight with Joe Charles at UFCF. Although I remember the video quality of the fight was horrible.

 what is John Peretti up to these days?

 a young John Lewis and a young Igor Zinovieve.......bad ass

and lewis drew Carlson Jr. he didn't win

Did someone say my name?