Anyone remember Dennis Alexio?

I remember seeing him fight when I was a kid. His high kick was devastating. This is the last I heard about him. It looks like his leg was damaged checking a kick and when he put weight on it the final break happened. Blue namer please.

Absolutely remember him. His brother used to fight over in Thailand under the name "White Warrior."

Just watching UFC Unleashed and David Loiseau gave a shout to Alexio after he rocked Charles McCarthy with the spinning back kick. It got me thinking about what he may be doing now.

How dare you speak of Chainsaw getting rocked.

I wouldn't talk bad about a UG regular. It was a solid kick and I think most fighters would have reacted the same way.

It's a shame about the wheelchair...

What wheelchair?

He underestimated Tong Po.

I've heard he's had some problems with the law (no, not Matt Lindland)

Sure, I remember him.

70 - 2 with 65 KO's

the ref ruled the leg break was from being kicked although alexio still blames the break on the ring floor. spiral break which tells me maybe it was broken when it "stuck" to the floor when he was attempting a spin kick. that was 1 loss and the other was to don "the dragon" wilson at lightheavy. at one time he held the all the major world heavyweight kickboxing titles.

my dad trained with him back in the day..He lives in Hawaii now and i
heard is big into cliff diving

Saw him at a kickboxing show in Vacaville(where he's from)

He was kindof a cocky jerk.

Whats up core?My old man has pictures of me with Dennis's belts on..was
always nice to me

Franco-Cool that you have that.

Dennis was a nasty striker with incredibly powerful leg kicks. Knocked out many opponents with head kicks right through their gloves/perfect blocks. Fought while wearing a green hula skirt. A bit too flashy, but very dominant and fun to watch.

Alexio was/is an incredible free diver. Awesome lung capacity. He used to dive with Henry Ayau and the like for some pretty big game. I think he is on teh Ice.

everybody loves a winner!

core,yeah its a cool thing to have one day..How have you been?

"Dennis was a nasty striker with incredibly powerful leg kicks."

  • Wasn't the fight against Stan the Man his only notable international-rules fight (i.e., with leg kicks)?