Anyone remember Showbiz Pizza?

They had these in Houston when I was growing up.  They were like Chuck-E-Cheese, but their pizza was much, much bettter than Chuck-E-Cheese, and it was a much better environment.  I think they got taken over by Chuck-E-Cheese in a merger, however, and went out of existence.  But does anyone remember these joints?  Loved me some Showbiz.  Where a kid can be a kid!

I remember it, it was a pretty big deal in the small town I grew up in.  Didn't last but a few years if I remember right though.  There was another similar place called "Tex Critter's" too.

Cool documentary on the fate of the Rock-afire Explosion Band & its nutty hilljack fanclub:

I remember them in the mid 80s in Florida.


Where a kid can be a kid.

The one here became a Chuck E Cheese, I think.

I had a birthday party there when I was a kid :)

My brother worked the arcade games , he used to open up one of the games and put 25 credits into it for me when I’d ride my bike there.

Showbiz became Chuck E Cheese here, too.

Billy Bob would beat the everloving fuck out of Chuckee Cheese, and yes, Showbiz became Chuckee Cheese here, but we all know who was more legit. 


Long Island had Emporium and SPACE PLEX which were both like Chuck E's on steroids


Funny I actually just recently found some tokens from Showbizz pizza at my parents house from when i was a kid

Hell yeah.  From Houston also. Showbiz was great, pizza so good.  I used to go to pistol petes pizza. It was like showbiz but more games and even better pizza. 

Time machine please. Anybody? 

Rich Evans does!


DaveFu -

Rich Evans does!


He got murdered by the thing he loved the most. The showbiz bear.


Well, that and the crippling diabetes.


and the depression.

Here's a documentary about the place and some crazy guy who fixed the robots for his trailer:

I thought they all became Chuck E Cheese. 

^^^Deja vu.

I used to love me some Billy Bob, I had a stuffed one I carried everywhere. Now Chuck E Cheese is a ghetto shithole.