Anyone remember 'WeaponLord'?

Snes game near the end of its life. I tried finding it on Kazaa but no joy. Now I have just my memories.

It was a 2d 1on1 fighting game. about 7 characters. each had a different weapon (no shit sherlock).

What made this game cool? OK, first was control. 6 buttons. 3 for foreswing, 3 for backswing. Special moves (of which each character has TONS) could be executed in a number of ways, one of which was to hold the button down and then press directions. So what? Well, the game engine locked movement if you pressed a button. So instead of EVERY move being back, down, forward A, you could have : Hold A, press up, down, up, forward, release A.

Next was the amount of possibilities in the engine. Combos, breakers, juggles, wake ups, gaurd cancels, stuns, fatalities....

And last was the fatalities themselves. Instead of separate moves to kill, you just had to time a certain speacial at the right time to get the fatality. EXAMPLE:

If you did a combo with Kron(made up name lol) that took all their energy away AND ended with a spin swipe it would decapitate them.

Most the characters specials did fatalities but you had to figure out when to do them.

Oh and the story was cool. If didn't perform fatalities on the cpu characters, you would run into them again later on.

Oh and the story was

Sounds like a better version of TimeKillers.

Loved that game. The control scheme was really difficult and it had a pretty steep learning curve but for some reason, I really liked it. Always liked weapon fighters and I think that was the one that got me started on them. Would like to find a rom for it but I'd probably have to have a controller to not get trashed.

I remember a cool thing that if you pulled off a decapitation move, the head would fly into the air and if you were good you could juggle it, causing the skull to fly apart and then you have the brain flying around! Then juggle combo the brain for the most piss taking fatality!

I was obsessed with that game - it was great! I'm trying to remember the characters...

Bane was the big wolf-headed guy with the hammer- he was my favorite.

Jen-Tai was pretty sweet - she had a sword and shield, I think.

Then there was a bird-chick, a thief-type guy with an axe(?), the big Conan guy, and that spider guy. His stage was awesome!

They need a new version of that game, yo!

you can go get a SNES emulator at and then go and get the WeaponLord ROM at

I did.

I think I'm thinking about the same game... rented it on the genesis (was it on genesis?). If it is the same game... they said they had some of the top Street Fighter II players in California try it out and give feedback.

Wasn't there a cool spark effect when weapons collided like during a block. I could be thinking of a different game

saw a close up of the cartridge! That is the game! awesome