Anyone Run their sauce through Blender?

So someone suggested to run my tomatoe sauce through a blender afterward to smooth it out. I kinda brushed it off as I tend to like a more rustic/chunky sauce...and most of the time I cook it with meat in it so I don't want to blend meat obviously....BUT...

Today I made some meatballs and a really quick sauce to pour over it or pasta that I may or may not make....(I pulled meat out and forgot about it so I had to use it for something). So the sauce I made was using butter instead of olive oil(I was thinking of that butter sauce when I made it)....I used an onion, an orange pepper and three celery stalks...minimal spicing....just some salt, pepper, chilis and oregano.

So I get it into my head that I'm going to run this through the blender afterwards...which I do......So I taste the finished product and was so delighted by the was fantastic...the butter, onion, spices...etc all there...but better. The colour had lightened up, which I imagine is due to the veggies and aeration... It was light, velvety....delicious.

I'm not sure I will ever not do it this way again. Very happy about the result.

Anyone else do this? I've been making sauce for years to freeze and what not but this is the first time I have ever blended it.